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Isle Of Man TT compilation

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by grange, Jun 14, 2012.

  2. There is no rational justification for men to do that sort of thing on those sorts of roads

    but thank God they do, it gives real meaning to the word awesome......
  3. Jesus christ... That's awesome but intense... The wobble, the air, the speed the everything...
  4. Awesome..... I would love to have a crack at this race...!!!
  5. ...OMG!....I can feel my pulse racing!... absolutley love it! (even if I can't understand a word that Guy Martin says! :D)
  6. Bucket list #1.
  7. God that's intense, how do you prepare for something like that!?
  8. Downloaded and watched all the practices and races from this year the other day - always amazing to watch.

    Can't believe I lived in the uk for 30 years and never went! Now other side of the world and desperate to line it up one year.
  9. Link to torrents?
  10. Piratebay just search 'tt 2012'
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