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Isle of Man TT, CH10 at midday 13/7/08

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by Caz V1, Jul 13, 2008.

  1. Ch10 have a 1 hour show on the Isle of Man TT today, at 12.

  2. WHEN? :grin:
  3. Thanks for the heads-up Caz, might not have noticed this was on otherwise.
    And I've still got time to fetch beer and snacks :grin:.
  4. Thanks Caz !! a great way to spend some time on a GLOOMY Sunday
  5. ahhh didn't notice this was posted today... cheers!
  6. Those guys have BALLS
    trees etc no runoff and huge humps where they get airborne.
  7. It's a bit like the Thursday night mystery ride, but without corner markers :LOL:
  8. Luckily just spottd this being on telly about 1/2 hr ago in the paper. My GF is looking up tix and details for next year right now :cool:
  9. looks intense. getting air on a 1000cc... id be shitting bricks
  10. It still looks like fun, though
  11. Balls of Steel and nerves to match ! :shock:
    Was a GREAT hour of TV
  12. $%^#$#^#$ I only woke up at 13:30 :(
    I wanted to watch this again!
    Guess i'll have to find some footage on the intrawebz.... :mad:
  13. I wish I had of read this earlier ...
  14. We can all read a tv guide, can't we?
    Thanx Caz V1
  15. Twas sooo gooood.......but they are f$"cking mad. Oh and good on ya channel 10 for airing such a great race. :cool:
  16. Race was good - also glad I left the TV on and caught the coverage of the Goodwood Festival of Speed (ahh what it must be like to have stupid amounts of money and watch extremely rare, exotic vehicles racing around your backyard).
  17. TT

    Brings back memories of our 2007 trip there. Not as many spectators this year though. The hill @ the Bungalow was chockers.
  18. found an hour long highlights package off the net...
    Awesome to watch again!

    When was the last year they ran the 400's class?
    IIRC didn't John McGuinness win the class in the final year?
  19. If any of you have Foxtell keep an eye out for the Irish Road Racing Championship rounds.

    When they say Road Racing they aint kidding, lets just say it's IoM but an entire series.