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Isle of Man TT - 6:30pm on Sunday Night Channel 7

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by Sir Ride Alot, Jul 24, 2011.

  1. Isle of Man TT - 6:30pm on Sunday Night Channel 7

    EDIT: Advertised for Melbourne. Not sure if it's on in other states.

  2. For all the wrong reasons.......??????
  3. Reckon it might, have seen the quick blurb, mainly saying 'not a race track [doohan] and cray race [skaife] and showing stacks etc so not what you might call a 'nice' promo to showing exceptionally high skills
  4. i expect to hear that it should be banned etc.

    i ****ing hate channel 7
  5. "It's frightening, it's damn dangerous, and it stresses me out."

    Jesus christ, every second word is dangerous.
  6. At least Cam Donald gets a say for our side of the argument.
  7. Yeah looks to be getting better now, and some good footage.
  8. i only heard banned once.
  9. Wasn't as one sided as I thought it would of been, some good footage also.
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  10. A TT race in Tasmania would be perfect.
  11. More importantly the real Isle of Man is on One quite regularly.

    Who cares about what the soap opera 'journalist' shows say, don't take them seriously.
  12. spewin I missed that. I was out and only just got home. I'll see if someone youtubed it.
  13. always been a dream of mine to get there 1 day
  14. If they did, can you post the link please?
  15. Funnily enough it was watchin that segment that convinced my girlfriend that we have to go one year.
  16. For lots of us mate. When I was kid, to do a 100mph lap was a big, big deal. Now, it shouldn't be all that hard. I'd love to have a try.
  17. guys you can watch it on the 7 website for sunday night, i just did, great footage!
  18. Yeh the IOM is an awesome place, I remember I was at an MRA ride day at Calder Raceway in 1989 and was speaking to Kevin Schwantz masseuse (Sophie Marshall a good 125 GP rider herself), she said "it's not as much fun as people say it is.... it's much more!".

    So I had to go the next year .... It's like the atmosphere of Saturday night in Cowes at the World Superbikes at Phillip Island but for two weeks.

    Below is me catching some air over Balaugh Bridge in 1990 during practise week for the TT. As it was my first time there I had to wear a Wally (novice) Jacket, as all newcomers have to.

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