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Isle of Man crash...

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by wedge, Apr 20, 2007.

  1. #1 wedge, Apr 20, 2007
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  2. i so wish i could spare the cash to go and watch this wonderful wonderful event...
  3. #3 wedge, Apr 21, 2007
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    Hitting the wall....sucks
    Still being alive....lucky
  4. OMFG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    He is one lucky son of a gun!!!! Incredible!!
  5. Righto settle down its just a vid :wink:
    Alright i'll say he was fortunate to come out with minimal injuries :)
  6. Bugs, did you just really write a post that says that you hope I crash and die???????? :roll:

    I never realised your ego was soooo fragile that losing an argument meant sooooo much to you. Wow!!

    Keeping up your usual standards eh :roll: [​IMG]

    Yaaaaaaaaaawn. [​IMG]
  7. This could get interesting :popcorn:
    and on the same token very stupid :roll:
  8. Wow Bugs. You're a really sad case. :rofl:

    Absolute classic work Bugs! :applause: Stand up and take a bow.

    Far be it from me to point out who came into the thread and laid out some unprovoked dirt... but :drum roll: you did!... not even subtle dig either, just a garden variety grudge post... :LOL: ...and over what?? A little tiff in pm land that you haven't gotten over... :LOL: ...you are hilarious. :LOL: :LOL:

    It doesn't matter how you spin it bro, your words suggested that you wished I would die if I crashed so that I wouldn't take up intensive care resources... but even if we take your "spin", which was that you wished for me not to crash anymore (that's some fantastic illogical leaping there Bugs!) because I've crashed sufficiently to satisfy you... well, mate, either interpretation paints you as a total and utter :jerk: :jerk: ... and the best bit... you've done my work for me mate :rofl: ...you've done a top effort lampooning yourself :LOL: :rofl:

    Absolutely hilarious!! :rofl:

    Thanks mate - after a fun day out on the roads, having a fabulous time with my family, I've enjoyed coming home and having a giggle at your expense. A nice cherry topper on a cream sundae.

    Folks, let me introduce you to bugs - he's a rare fellow... exteremely very underdone. :rofl:

    But I'm sure given enough rope, Bugs will allow you all to judge for yourselves :rofl:

  9. Bugs, don't be obtuse about the pm... where else did the jousting comment come from??? I'm happy to publish the exchange bugs, just keep going mate.

    Say what you want bugs... folks will judge for themselves.


    So, leaving another personal jibe aside :roll:, justify your absolutist statement that there is no such thing as luck.
  10. Charming!

    I read it the first time and found it :blah:

    It's a circular piece of reasoning, with the usual personal barbs, that doesn't actually explain why there is no such thing as luck... and again, it's only "correctly" interpretable by yourself...


    It doesn't matter.

    Thanks for nothing... again! :rofl:
  11. You see Bugs you dont have to push your beliefs on others...if i survived a 250km/h crash with 'top of the range' gear on i would consider myself lucky IMOP.
    So take others opinions in good faith and leave your preaching at home, thankyou :wink:

    You see as you pointed out that...
    There are more factors to your rant against lucky outcomes...
    3.There is also the risk of spinal injury, a broken back, neck that could cause death or paralysis.
    4. Impact casuing internal injuries

    I could go on but hopefuly you'll see that there are alot of factors that this rider overcame to survive this crash, a lucky escape for our experienced rider you could say :grin:
    If he didnt consider himself lucky after survivng this crash why else did he retire, if his gear saved him why wouldn't he keep riding???
  12. You cant be serious? surely not.

    You are sadly mistaken if you think there are only (2) causes of death. :roll:

    Sadly mistaken. Next time you visit your doctor for another shot to alleviate
    the arthritis, ask him dude. You'll learn something new. [​IMG]

    & refrain from calling Rob an idiot. Thats no way for the elderly to be
    conducting themselves here. You should instead be setting a good example
    for todays youth. [​IMG]

    Modded - Go Troll elswhere thank you
  13. :rofl:

    And there netridereans, is the rope and a public self hanging.


    Bugs, this obsession with me is flattering, but MG and Wedge responded of their own accord. I'm in the kitchen mate, I've always been in the kitchen and I've stood toe to toe with you without resorting to the gutter trash talk like you have.

    If anyone should be annoyed bro, I should be. You came back into the thread after my post and tried to lay down some cheap points against me, which were completely out of context. But I've taken you to task and poor widdle bugsy wugsy didn't like it. :LOL:

    Sorry, the "widdle bugsy wugsy" bit was taking it a bit far... I apologise unreservedly for digressing to your level. :LOL:

    Thanks for refering to me as "a braying ass" :rofl: That's great! For one it highlights clearly the quality of your character, but it's an ineffectual derogatory effort... impotent even... just as ineffectual as you describing me as an idiot or caning me for believing in luck...

    You've done yourself the disservice mate... you hung yourself on your own rope... can't wait to see you take it out on yourself in pm land :rofl:

    Thanks Bugs. :rofl: [​IMG]

  14. Wow, equating a legend like Galileo with yourself is the height of arrogance... almost breath taking... wow!

    Is this truly how high your self inflated ego is??? :shock:
  15. Because it is.

    Don't you have anything useful to say bugs??? Oh well... :)
  16. Yeah, it's on my list of things to do before I die. So's Christina Ricci.

    As for the arguement... I stop reading posts that have more than one smiley.
  17. :rofl:

    ...finally, something with substance. I did. thanks mate. back at ya.
  18. juts to get past the two girls arguing about whos dress is shorter or hair is better in the above 20 posts..

    so who else thinks the last second bug splatter on his helmet into the left hander may have had a part in him hitting the inner wall?
  19. #20 robsalvv, Apr 26, 2007
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    Fair call.

    I think the rider just made a slight error is all, cutting the left a frag too tight.

    "you tube" has a few isle of man crash videos

    eg [media=youtube]gQcXO5c-cCI[/media]

    and a whole bunch of awesome videos of racers through the circuit. When you see one like this (not a crash vid):

    it's easy to see how precise you have to be all the time... one lapse and it's hurtsville.