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Isle man tt 2011 with bangr

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' at netrider.net.au started by Bangr, May 23, 2011.

  1. Hi all

    Been a while since I have been on , has also been a while since my last motorbike trip , so this one had to be the mother of them all .

    I sit at the Melbourne airport , set to go ,the isle of man , the mother of all races . Were the Pilots have rotors that an elephant would be proud of .

    Melbourne to KL , KL to London and then a night in London before the short trip to the Isle , strange for me , a isle with no bridge .

    Have sorted a scooter for my transport , and have also sorted a bike for Mad Sunday .

    I am very lucky to have sorted a media pass for not only the TT but also for the pre and post events . So lots of good photos we hope .

    I will be sending most of my stuff to Rapid as they have commissioned me for this event , so keep an eye out for then . I am also doing photos for Cameron Donald , this for me is the biggest honor. , to call a Pilot of this level a mate , but to also get over to the TT and be able to do photos , this is what I have only dreamed of . So people dreams really do come true hey .

    More on the trip while I am flying ,keep an eye on this and will Get some info up as I go , also lots of photos once I get settled .

  2. Good work, Bren. Lucky bastard! Keep us up to date.
  3. sigh, some guys get the good gigs, the rest of us get to watch :LOL:
  4. You lucky bugga! totally gealous!
  5. Bangr! Long time bro. Make sure you pepper facebook and NR with pics and stories.

    Lucky prick!
  6. Have fun Bren!
  7. Hey Bren!

    Nice gig, bastard!!!

    Have a blast, can't wait to see pics.
  8. So

    A few hassles getting here and a few more once i was here , but all settled in a great little place in the centre of Douglas , 5 minutes walk into the main st and 5 minutes walk to the tt course , could not be better .

    Spent half the day just walking around , ahving a look and talking to locals , get some photos and a few more words up tmrw , time for a sleep .

    One thing I can tell you is the people over here are great and the top TT riders are like gods over here . A great deal of support for our own Cam Donald , which is great .
  9. ..you lucky so and so!!... would love to go someday. Youtube and the TV just don't cut it!!...[-(
  10. I've never met anyone who works as hard as Bangr or has his passion for bikes and racing. A well deserved trip and I can't wait for the reports and photo's.
  11. All checked in and done! When a man makes his own luck then he is a lucky man indeed. Enjoy and looking forward to the adventure updates. X
  12. hi all

    sorry it has been a while , have had a few days getting around and finding my feet .

    Photo's will come soon , but it may be easier to have a look on FB , it will save me putting them up twice , also worth a look on the Rapid FB page as they are the ones who Commissioned me so they will be getting the best of the photos .

    Some you will have to wait until print time of there magazine .

    So what can I tell you , i have spent the past few days out shooting at the Pre TT classic road racing , this is on roads just near the airport . Have some good fun and got some good photos . The weather is the big hurdle here , it is not only cold , but overcast most of the time . There is photos of that on my FB page .

    So the Real reason I am here , the TT . Let me start buy saying this (if able to ) will not be my last time , even before the racing has started the feel in the town and about the Isle is one I have never seen in a lead up to a race . The Pilots are gods , the passion the people show when talking about them , from our own Cam Donald to the likes of Guy Martin , and even there own local riders . The support they show is unbelievable .

    So a few tips I have been Given , At the top of the Mountain , if you get lost the locals (manx) will not really be able to help , all you will get from them is a nod and a "heeey " . The Local sheep are something to keep an eye out for , yes the SHEEP , I have been told they are the most unfriendly thing on the Isle and will take you out given the chance . Could make for a interesting day or two on the top of the mountain.

    I have done two laps of the course ( on my 100cc honda scooter ) I can only say that if I did not think these guys were legends before , I sure as hell do now .

    I can not describe what it would be like to ride this place at the speed these guys do , and to try and describe it to you in words does it no justice , all I can say is at least once in your life , if there is anything you must see , this is it . I kid you not . I am never and I mean never going to forget what this place is like and that Racers race on it .

    Today i helped Cam and his team set up some of the Garage area , then spent the day out taking a few snaps before it becomes a closed of race track. I headed out to a place that I thought would be a good start for taking photos , Ballaugh Bridge thats a good spot to start I thought , So of I went , got there , sat , had a look around and thought I would have a chat to a few people there , just happens to be the people who own the house second one back from the jump , "come take photos from or balcony if you wish , the old man who owns the house in front of us goes away for the event , so I can not tell you its ok to go in there , but if his car is not there ever is he " . Some times it pays to ask hey , so fingers crossed tmrws first practice and I will have a prime spot . Found a nice little pole to mount the HD Go Pro to so i can video the bikes getting air of the bridge .

    So of I go back to the pitt area ( 14 mile ride) , thinking things are not going to get much better than that . Had a little more of a look around the Paddock , got a few more shoots , just about to head of , got chatting to a person in the paddock , 5 minutes later I am talking to the Clerk of the course about getting a tour of the control tower during one of the practice seasons , I could go home tmrw and be a happy man let me tell you . So Tue arvo practice I guess I will be hanging out in control tower for a while .

    I have to say that every one over here , from the guy at the local Honda dealership to the security guard on the gate , every one is so helpful , just nice people .

    So first practice tmrw evening , will try and get a post up after it has finished .

    For know thats about it , just one little thing , start booking people , you will never be sorry you made the trip for this . 2012 yes please .
  13. Sounds awesome so far bangr. I'll be coming over for the last 3 days of racing 8,9,10th of June and i'm absolutely pumped for it. I'm a massive Cam Donald fan and im making it a mission to meet the man and maybe get a signature.
  15. Im jelous, hows the weather over there?
  16. Thanks Bangr!
  17. Thanks for the TT updates mate, and it's good to have you back in the country.