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Island Summit Club

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by G, Feb 5, 2006.

  1. My apologies, if this has already been posted.
    Today, I had a chat with a fellow Netrider after a few celebratory donuts in the middle of the roundabout and it prompted me to ask if there were other Netriders, who have joined the Island Summit Club.

    We were discussing the accomodation options for the upcoming WSBK round.
  2. What's the "Island Summit" club?
  3. So i take it you are one of the lucky 'invited' ones then G?
  4. Possibly...
  5. I don't think that you need to be "invited". Rather, they are inviting you to apply, but with the proviso that membeship numbers are limited.

    Might become the rev-head's version of the MCC, perhaps.....
  6. G, Gosh! That looks very swish!
  7. To G, what does it cost to join, and what ongoing costs are there?
  8. I am a member (I was the donut person) , I have got take a extra pass for one guest for the Super Bikes , Has been taken for the sat and sun but for a small fee if some one wants to join me on the fri they are welcome , just PM me.
  9. I think it was $1.9k. Unsure about ongoing costs.
  10. I was at the MotoGP, with Bikerchick and I looked up to the area on the hill, close to the museum and normally there would have been the "whistles and show us your t*ts". But last time, I could only see LinFox flags and I thought that must be a good vantage point. I think that is the future location of the Summit Club. :)
  11. That is the future location of the Club House. It was $2 k to join for 12 months , 100 only members and some one has to not renew membership for another to join , was my understanding , Free entry to ervery public event , and the corporate gig for the 3 main events . Also there is super bike ride days ect in the pacage.

  12. Gee, I didn't know about the 100.
    May be I was lucky.
  13. It will certainly be a good vantage point, many netriders with a fascination for boobies will be very envious! I have received the invitation to exhibit my chest on many occasions over the years whilst passing that particular place and strangely have never accepted!!

    I am envious too, not cos of the boobies, cos I am a girlie and not that way inclined, but because it looks like its going to be a cool venue. However must keep track of spending and keep to the budget - must keep thinking IOM TT 2007 - must keep spending to minimum but GOD its hard, so many things to want!!