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Island Classic

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by MVrog, Jan 22, 2010.

  1. The Island Classic is on this weekend. They have 360 entrants, which is a huge number. Anyone from here going?

  2. Damn!

    I would have gone if I'd known sooner... the island is too far from here for a day trip though.

    I can't say I think much of their advertising... I haven't seen 1 solitary advert for it.
  3. Yup. I'll be there. Should be pretty good, Wayne Gardner et all.
  4. Gardner won't be there this year. They have done some ads, in amcn.
  5. bugger, hey funny thing I googled it and it came up with the actual PI page, ad was 2006! LOL. I got a bit sus when the dates were wrong,,
  6. 360 entries is just nuts! Good on em.
  7. I cancelled my subscription to AMCN years ago when they started the Boris columns.

    Since then I've subscribed to Two Wheels and Australian Road Rider and I haven't seen an advert in either of those.

    It makes some sense that they'd advertise only in AMCN thinking about it though, aren't AMCN a sponsor?

    But it's still reducing the potential audience IMO.
  8. True, but there were a heap of spectators today, so I would expect more tomorrow.
  9. Had a great day there today! Got a bit sunburnt but the weather was fantastic and it was just an awesome day on the Island.

    I took a bunch of photos, the least crappy of which can be found here.

    Can't wait till the Supers now.
  10. awesome weekend.
    2 days is not long enough.
  11. How did Glenn Kelleher on bike #78 go?
  12. I dunno, but I took a photo of him!

    I think I took more, I'll have to look back.
  13. Glen was at the pointy end in all his races
  14. Yeah, that's why I asked. Glenn is a mate from my old Canberra Road Racing Club days. Started out riding in 250 production. His dad, Brian, used to run the National Motorcycle Museum in Mitchell, a northern Canberra suburb. But the rents got too much so he sold up everything and moved the museum to Nabiac on the Pacific Highway north of Newcastle. In the last few years Glenn has been racing Post-Classic with a variety of bikes, with considerable success.

    O/T, but the NMM is well worth the $12 price of admission if you're on the north coast.
  15. gawd, look at the beefy swingarm on that thing :shock:
  16. :LOL:
  17. i was more impressed with the air scoop on the front brake!
  18. That swingarm is made of top quality spaghetti
  19. I only went down for the Sunday, great day and great weather.
    Steve Martin doing 1.40's on a 1980 GSX was awesome, with Mal Campbell on his 500 just behind, bad luck for Beau Beaton on crashing the vincent the day before, I was looking forward to watching him especially after his effort on it at the GP last year.
  20. sunday was a great day.....heres the pics of the bike steve was riding when it was getting built....the bike was built by my brother Dale from D&D industries and Trevor birrell from TBR and painted by myself at MCR.Great results for a first outing on a low budget bike and pretty much un sorted ....Steve is a fantastic R&D rider and all round nice guy.....certainly an icon of the sport in australia

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