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Isis and getup

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by A boy named Sue, Jul 6, 2014.

  1. The unfortunate truth in all of this is that there is a large and diverse set of forces in the world seeking to subvert the current order. Some of them have clearly defined objectives while others do not. Few of them are in agreement but that's beside the point. All of them, thanks to technological advances, are radically empowered. The problem is that if these forces continue to march forward with the cheap and easy strategy of destabilization while the rest of the world struggles with the massively expensive and frequently unsuccessful strategies of stabilization something will eventually have to give.

    from "the blogs of war". Do you agree with this or do you think that actually States have become more powerful due to these same technological advances?
  2. A little bit from Column A a little bit from Column B. Ironically technology of the "Evil godless" west has provided a platform for organisations such as ISIS for recruitment and transmittal of ideas.

    On the other side it provides a path to disseminate alternate views and rebuttal of extremist views. In the end I think the technology advantage is to the stabilisation side. We may deplore the fact that satellite phone calls from some areas of the world are intercepted and analysed and that email traffic is scanned for connection to redical groups but it has led to the removal of various threats.

    Simplistic ideas appeal to certain types, our own political system is definitely not immune to it :) To the young it is very easy to blame financial, employment, isolation issues as all the fault of the evil Zionists or the corrupt westerners. Solve this and a land of milk and honey will result according to the propaganda pushers.
  3. I'm sorry, I know it's a very serious situation, but all I can think of, every time I hear "ISIS" is:

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  4. Thank Buddha for that! I thought it was just me who couldn't help with the Archer reference & ISIS!
  5. Huge interest in this subject, obviously! Since the (long overdue) death of the anti-Israel thread, the subject seems to have lost interest on Netrider....
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  6. I just want to know where he got his $6000 dollar watch from, kind donations or a dead opponent, bet he doesn't wear it in public again though.
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  7. For the watch I suspect it was stolen and then given to him as a gift.

    I'm quite amused how quiet all the "anti-assad" types have become now that Isis have crossed the border and formed their Islamic state.
  8. What anti Israel thread?
    The trouble is backing Assad is what gives this lot traction. You can be anti Assad and anti ISIS you know.
  9. Gift from enormously wealthy Saudi supporter, I'd say.
    The thing is, that wouldn't be viewed from within the ranks as only right and proper.
    It would be good to remember that ISIS decimated the pro-democracy (Sunni) arm of the anti-Assad rebels before it turned it's attention Shiittes.
    I don't think it's a struggle that is much focused on the West, although we have reason to be concerned.
  10. I'm not a believer if Islam, Judaism or Christ. Quiet frankly with the shit they've caused over the years they should all go to hell.
    America has been the pig of war in modern times.We go on about all these other zealots...Well who dropped the farken bomb. Who's killed more innocents and had more acceptable losses in the name of freedom and peace?
    Would you like to be told how much you can sell your most valuable asset for? when you yourself use stuff all of the product and only have because of the Wests influence on your way of life.

    We think we are so different.... look at how our own governments have become. Were told what we can and cant do, what we will do with our money. They take our assets and sell them whilst charging us more to live in our own country. They're selling it out from under us and crying poor because their all fcuk wads and narcissists.
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  11. Or you can leave other people to sort out their own problems and not be anti anyone -- my isolationist policy.
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  12. Since when did that ever work?
  13. https://now.mmedia.me/lb/en/interna...on-iraq?utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=twitter

    Former Iran president says
    can 'cooperate' with US on Iraq

    TOKYO - Tehran could cast aside bitter differences with Washington to "cooperate" on Iraq as the crisis-hit country battles a fierce militant offensive, former Iranian president Hashemi Rafsanjani said in an interview published Wednesday.

    The comments to Japanese daily The Asahi came as Iran sends members of its Revolutionary Guard to Iraq, with the security situation deteriorating as the Shiite-led Iraqi authorities battle Sunni militants.

    The rapid offensive has overrun swathes of northern and central Iraq displacing hundreds of thousands of people, alarming both Washington and Tehran—which has close ties to the current Iraqi government.

    "We share problems [concerning Iraq] with the United States. There is no obstacle for our cooperation. We will cooperate, if necessary…[to fight] the terror," Rafsanjani said in the interview.
  14. I think the international media has helped IS more than any social media tech etc. It'd be interesting to see how their numbers have changed since they made the headlines.
  15. The mainstream socialist media must love watching those nasty bigoted racist sexist homophobic Christians being killed by those of the religion of peace, love, unity and tolerance.
  16. Price of war = Trillions
    Price of peace = zero

    What happened to we are all human, we breath the same air and so on
    Whats sad is countries invest in wars to make a buck in the future, very very sad
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  17. Oh yeah, Australians are all about compassion for brown people fleeing violence. W
    Countries? No, a small group of wealthy psychopaths.
  18. Pax Romana is not so bad compared to what is happening in the middle east at the moment. Countries going to war now seems to be the lesser of two evils.
  19. Perhaps if 95% of them were actually fleeing violence instead of just trying to buy their way in past the queue then Australians may be a bit more compassionate. But that's another argument for another place and time isn't it Deadsy ?