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ISC.N.igga has left the building

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by bluezx14, Sep 17, 2008.

  1. Some of the advice has been less than tactful- but well-intentioned, mostly accurate and always gives food for thought. Thanks for your efforts :beer: . You will still be posting in other contexts won't you?

  2. I was going to ask the same question; I can't imagine you not talking unless you were dead :LOL:.
  3. And even then!
  4. so you'll still be highlighting the pedo coppers then?

    unless they're claiming professional indemnity ofc :? :LOL:
  5. Think I can guess what's going on here Kish ;)

    But your past advice is always good to direct people to and can probably answer all but the most stupid of questions...
  6. Should I write a song, kinda like "Free Nelson Mandela, cos I'm his lookalike"?
  7. arrggh!
    i hate things like this.
    u make me so freakin cuuuurrrioouus!
    im pretty sure u cant tell me why either lol.
    cheers for all the help mate! :beer:

    as if this would be the last of you at all! :LOL:
  8. I would be genuinely disappointed if this decision was at the direction of a company which had benefited from my 14 years and 10 vehicles of claim free history. It is a sad state when an extremely successful company with a highly regarded public oppinion feels the need to prevent it's employees from discussing their work in order to maximise profits even though their own customers could suffer as a result. :(

    My current bike is insured with another (top quality on my 1st hand experience) company for a quarter of the other's price because they refused to negotiate on the premium. I'm also more than prepared and able to look elsewhere for insurance on the car if comes to a matter of ethics. :)

    ISCN, your comments regarding insurance have been not only informative, but educational and beneficial to all of us. You have done a paticular company proud by your honest and up front approach to insurance issues on this forum. If anything, they should be awarding you a medal for proving that insurance companies don't exclusively employ brain dead, fcuk witted morons as a company policy. I'm saddened by your departure from the insurance debate mate, but I thank you deeply and on behalf of us all for your contribution. :)
  9. Nonsense! You'll find plenty of other stuff to hammer them about. :p :grin:

    Shame about the insurance though.. :roll:
  10. Pisses me off when someone with good intentions is told to :-$
    Look forward to more of your inspiring comments & advice on many other subjects mate :wink:

    PS: You didn't advise these guys did ya ? >>

    surely not :p
  11. Ah well, we all have to bow to the man sometimes! :rofl: :bolt: Keep on digging up all those ol' posts kish!
  12. So, who lagged ya?? :grin:
  13. What happened ISCN, not got your Tier one cert? :LOL:
  14. harsh mate, very harsh :LOL:
  15. All very well having these in jokes. How about enlightening the rest of us?
  16. I wonder if he's been gagged by a new boss???
  17. or do you mean a n00b boss??? :LOL:
  18. Nup I work in telcommunications, but keep an eye on these things as I service the major banks and insurance companies in OZ for the big T. :wink:

    pays to know the industry of your customers!