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Isabel Lucas on Rove last night

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Roaster, Jun 15, 2009.

  1. Switching to Perez mode here, but anyone catch Isabel Lucas on Rove last night?

    Cute as a button and props for standing up for what she believes in with the whales etc, but DAAAAAYAMM it was a painful 5 minutes.

    Thanks to an intervention by Lily Allen and Ross noble (a queen and king among men ... and women) some life was injected into the interview. But other than that it was like I was watching grass grow with three OAPs in the distance vigourously making out in mankinis - both boring and awkward.

    I think I saw her once in a hostel in spain (about 2.5 years ago). She reminds me a lot of an ex of mine, but much prettier and with all original teeth.

    But wow - the interview?
  2. id still shag it
  3. Lucas or the 3 OAPs?
  4. dont do pensioners, u know what i ment :grin:
  5. :p

    Can and willing?
  6. I had to switch channel straight away. I can't handle awkward.
  7. I had to switch channel straight away. I can't handle awkward.
  8. Unfortunately the tv was on CH 10 while I was bottling some beer, total yawn fest. Good on Rove for cutting it short though, great work! :LOL:
  9. I've met her in the flesh at the launch of the 2030 Global Green Plan Project initiative and she is as charismatic as a dishcloth. If it wasn't for the fact she had looks there would be nothing going for her.
    Dame Elisabeth Murdoch (also present) who turned 100 had more charisma in her left fingernail than this wannabe hippy.
  10. can someone put up a SFW photo so i know who the fcuk we are talking about... i dont watch tv
  11. looks like a home and away chick.

    why would anyone care what she thinks about wales though? dosent every 19 year old girl want to save them.

    i totally agree with roaster

    ross is a cool guy and lily is one of the better looking and most talented mainstream pop chicks going round
  12. You're not kidding...I can't understand how she can actually generate enough energy and personality to act, if that snoozefest was anything to go by. And that thing around her head was weird, it schmooshed all her hair up. I bet it was damn itchy, too.

    Yeah, all hail the noble Ross Noble. Now, that was entertaining, Lily Allen was good, too. But Izzzzzzzzabel Lucas....snore.
  13. save the whales, huh :LOL:

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  15. Interview was boring, but shes hot.

    Ross Noble is a legend, funny when he fell at the end after running with the heels on.
  16. Rove: 'And finally, what is the first thing that pops into your mind when you see this photo?'

    *Insert humourous photo of man riding bear, or something to that effect*

    Lucas: 'Erm, um, well, are they wearing the same pants?'

    Rove: 'Yeah, they are!' *stares intently at the pic to confirm that yes, they are in fact wearing the same pants.*


    Rove: 'Everybody thank Isabel Lucas!'

  17. she used to be in home and away, 1 of her stories in the show was how she got abducted in a hippy camp, why my mrs watches that show i have no idea
  18. lol yeah it was painful. Watching it with the Mrs, we were gunna switch it over, but I said I was happy to watch it with the sound muted :wink: :LOL:

    Thank god the others ran around like dickheads to try to save the interview.
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