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Is your password 123456? A Nigerian businessman wants to know

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by cjvfr, Aug 30, 2014.

  1. Computer/mobile users can be their own worst enemies when it comes to their security. You can improve your immunity to cybercrime and make the cyber crims job harder by some simple rules.

    Choose strong passwords, use different passwords on different sites.The top 5 weak passwords used are:

    1. 123456
    2. password
    3. 12345678
    4. qwerty
    5. abc123

    Turn of Geotagging in your phone camera.
    Commonly phones with inbuilt GPS will tag a photo with the location it was taken. Take a photo at home, send the pic on to the Internet and you have given away your home address.

    Your phone or laptop keeps a record of the WiFI networks it has been connected to and looks for them when you try to connect. This broadcasts a list of your previous connections that can be used to get information on you. Do you need the WiFi on all the time?

    There are a number of IT security people on the site. Make their job easier and your own life more secure by simple practices.

    Below is a quick talk by James Lyne, a cyber security pro. It is not highly technical and spoken for a general audience. Worth a watch:

    James Lyne - Everyday Cybercrime and what you can do about it.
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  2. but, but how can I remember me paswords?
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  3. 123456? We can use numbers?!? Yay - here I was typing out 'password' all the time. That's much quicker! Thanks! Wish I knew this years ago.
  4. In a cloud store?

    Isn't that where the 'secure' and 'private' photos of many celebrates got leaked from? This cloud you speak of.
  5. And there I was using middo as my password. 123456 is so much easier.
  6. Oh dear.

    Think. Then speak. The inverse does not work so well.

  7. There are risks to the cloud, that why encrypt everything you put up there with your key encryption not the vendors key system. Keypass, discussed above, maintains its database in encrypted form. Throw enough processing and time against commercial encryption and you will break it but for most purposes Commercial encryption is OK.

    The stupidity of the Celebs involved was not encrypting and trusting Apple.
  8. The stupidity of the celebs involved was taking their clothes off with a camera around. If they really didn't want their undies to be put all over the internet, they shouldn't have taken them. Past history says they will end up out there somehow, whether jealous ex or hacker...
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  9. Well this is informative but I have a few questions about it all.

    Unfortunately, with the smart arse comments like Bitsars that are sure to follow, I think I will just bite my tongue and pretend that I know everything about computers instead of seeking out knowledge here.

    Righto, off to encrypt shit now, however you do that!
  10. Ask away, who cares what anyone says ? I was under the impression they had their email accounts hacked anyway, obviously I've got that wrong as well.
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    /Nah, Ill just leave it to the techies amoungst you while I remain a techtard.

    One thing worth remembering though to anyone who cares to read it;- We are all from different backgrounds and have different skill sets and a forum is a great way to share your knowledge.....or belittle others who don't have your knowledge on a particular subject too if you suffer from little dick syndrome.

    There are things that I can do that would amaze some of you here who struggle with manual dexterity tasks, such as rebuilding a bike with my bare hands or changing a tyre, but then you know how to encrypt shit and I have no idea where to start on that! I can also survive quite well for a week without a computer or smart phone, where as some of you would be blathering idiots inside 2 hours without some kind of internet connection!

    Not really that sure what a cloud is in the context it is being used here either. Never owned an apple product, other than the pink ladies sitting in my fruit bowl. Im an android/windows guy andonly have a basic grasp on that because that's all I need/ am interested in knowing. To me a cloud is a sign that I may have to stop work due to rain!
  12. Yea fcuk you bitsar!

    Nah just kidding, i do not know much about comps and stuff but i do know how to look shit up on the net and some of those photos were gold :D
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  13. Cry me a river
  14. That's about what I would expect from you!
    I'd hoped for better but knew you'd disappoint.
  15. Hi @CraigA@CraigA and others. The term "The Cloud" in this context refers to storage and software that run out on computers on the Internet. So instead of storing your pictures, letters etc on your local hard drive you will store it on external machines. The advantage is you can be anywhere with an Internet connection and still get access to your files. The disadvantage is that if your password is compromised others can easily get access to your stuff.

    Encryption is like running a secret code over your files. This means that even if others get hold of those files they can't read them. To read them you need to de-code or decrypt the files. To do this you have a key, the key is usually a phrase that you make up yourself. Nonsense phrases are good, "Flying Goats eat yellow cheese in Cafe Society" for example. Unlikely to be guessed but easy enough for you to remember.

    Of course encryption has a dark side too, trojan viruses such as Cryptolocker can infect your machine and encrypt your files. They then try and get you to pay a ransom for them to send you the decryption key.

    Hope that helps. I do recommend KeypassX or Lastpass to keep all your passwords together and safe.
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  16. As always Chris, patient and wise.
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    Thanks for the explanation and the recommendations on the password keeping tools. I hadn't heard of these.

    My understanding of what both of these things are (cloud and encryption) was already there, but to put that knowledge into practical use is where my know how falls down, or if I do know how to use them (eg, I have used photobucket which is an external storage device obviously), I have found them slow or too bothersome to use.

    To relate it to something relevant to this site, most people here would know what it means to have your valve clearances checked, but far less have the mechanical knowledge to check and adjust these themselves.