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Is your motorcycle shooting radiation up your arse?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Loz, Apr 10, 2008.

  1. Well yes, it is, actually. Extremely Low Frequency EMF radiation that's not dissimilar to living next door to a power station - except there's more of it, and it's shooting right up your clacker every time you twist your throttle.

    Worth worrying about? Science is yet to come to an agreement, but studies have shown that exposure to levels 100 times less than you'd find directly above your bike seat is enough to double the incidence of childhood leukaemia, so it's fair to say this kind of radiation does have the ability to f*ck with your shit in general.

    The bloke that's kicking up a stink about it does have something to sell - he's hawking tinfoil bum protectors - but if his figures are accurate, maybe the idea's got legs.

    More: http://www.thebikergene.com/uncategorized/is-your-motorcycle-a-cancer-risk/
  2. maybe we can get someone to "pass a motion" about this subject in parliment :grin:
    then shit will hit the fan :LOL:
    on the other hand most pollies are full of shit so does that mean they ride motorbikes too
  3. What is happening then, to blokes who drive those Diesel Electric Locomotives? Those things are mobile power stations. They must all be fried.
  4. Data seems to inconclusive.... otherwise the farriders are in for a nasty surprise (If not already) :wink:
  5. lol..loz the wordsmith :p
    so this will explain the vegemite in my undies after cracking the throttle open.i spose i can live with that but if my testicles start glowing in the dark,im gonna give up riding.
  6. Shouldn't be that hard to tinfoil line the underside of yer seat if you're that worried about it. Personally a mobile microwaving my brain worries me a lot more.
  7. Nice sales pitch , play doubt and uncertainty.

    All crap, magnetic fields will pass through ALL metals. You CAN shield and stop it BUT the "shield needs to be electrically conductive ( ie metal ) AND "earthed" or bonded to the ground of the bike AND surround the device or thing to be protected.

    Its called a FARDAY CAGE.
  8. oww! my sperm!!
    awesome. sterilising radiation
    no condoms, and no babies!
  9. Hmmm, this does explain a lot. I always wondered why both my children have a greenish glow about them. And there was that time they set off a geiger counter ....
  10. So you what you are saying is... they aren't meant to glow? :shock:
    I always thought they did that to attract women... like moths to the flame... Just how else am I to lure them if hey dont glow?!? My wallet just doesnt cut it...
  11. is it any wonder that bmw riders are a prolific and long lived bunch, when you have coils on plugs buried in cylinder heads a long way away from your bollocks! bwahaha :cool:

    we hashed this out of advrider a few months ago, and the general conclusion was "you've got much more to worry about on a bike that getting hot bollocks"
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  13. Well that explains a lot of PP's issues :LOL:
  14. So maybe that purple mark on Loz' arse *wasn't* wombat-caused...
  15. You shake my nerves and you rattle my brain

    Too much radiation leaves my nuts in pain,

    My sperm count's nil, But what a thrill,

    Goodness, gracious, great...

  16. :rofl:



    :-k still thinking about the science on this one... but agree that we've got more to worry about then some emf radiation.... how many have wireless at home???
  17. "Naturally, there’s a product involved - Chipker is selling seats "

    Enough for me to be unconvinced
  18. Damn better not any kids ride my VTR.......
  19. Saves me getting a vesectomy I guess.....Don't make me angry you wouldn't like me when I'm angry!!

  20. if it is, i dont give a damn :grin:
    maybe the radiation is what causes such a big grin??