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is your girlfriend stealing your life with her diary?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by kursed, Nov 8, 2007.

  1. mine is trying. I am being booked up right until NYE because she likes to book everything 3 bloody months in advance. I need to see some ride dates in dec so I can claim freedom from kids parties, 90yr olds birthdays with crackers and weak champagne and so on... oh the huge manatee!

    I just want a day a weekend to ride, every weekend. is it too much to ask? :LOL:
  2. all a matter of perspective. until last couple of years i can say i wouldn't have had a full day to myself free from work, study, house-cleaning or social/family obligations more than once a month. a full day to yourself once a week, particularly if you have kids, sounds like a huge ask to me. particularly given your free time is at your wife's expense. my partner, however, who's always lived life more for himself, i'm sure would disagree.
  3. Just get your girlfriend a bigger diary so they can put more stuff in.

    Or do what my family does when I say I am fully booked up, they take my diary, and put their own stuff in it (like visit my bro).

    So "borrow" her diary and put in ride days =D
  4. we don't have any of those constraints. no kids, pets etc. so not a lot of obligations other than social stuff. so a day a week is easy if I book ahead. but who is ever that planned. not me.
  5. You lucky, lucky b@stard! If I had one day a month I'd be over the f#$%in' moon!
    Yeah, I know exactly where you are coming from. At our house it's gone from just filling up the calendar (3 months in advance seems to be the standard), to CROSSING OUT MY RESERVED TIMES!!!!! :evil: and filling them in with her last minute options! AAAAaaaaaaagghh!
  6. oh plz don't misconstrue! I don't get a day a week, that would be a single mans life (eh Jeremy?)! I just want a day a week.
  7. [​IMG]

    :grin: :grin: :grin:
  8. Actually, this brings up an interesting point. For my partner, free time is for organising things. I think she actually enjoys the organising more than the event! That's here recreation. She hates not haaving a plan for every minute of her day (and mine).

    For me (if it ever happens...), it's about having no plans, no itinerary, no meeting times. Just drifting from one whim to the next, like riding down unknown roads and picking whichever one looks good.

    The trouble is, when you don't have a lot of time (ie. kids) there is pressure to use what time you've got constructively. Like catching up with people, buying stuff you need etc.

    That suits 'er indoors fine because she loves the scheduling, but I don't feel like I'm getting any down-time when we constantly need to keep to these arbitrary deadlines.

    So... is that a female thing? Or is it just individual preferences? Most of Marree's female friends seem to do the same thing. Every bl**dy occasion has a pre-determined start time and finish time, FFS. They spend hours emailing each other working out the details of wwhat they're going to do. Is it a gender thing?
  9. Can you PM me your address kursed? i'll give you a free subscription to this awsome mag, should help you out in this situation:
  10. Hehe, sweet pic Rocketeer. All in jest kursed, but there is some truth to it.

    Go talk to her and tell her what you've told us - that you're sick of having every fart scheduled. Get her to keep a day free - or at least half day on sunday - a man has to pray.. on the bike that is.. :grin:
  11. In our house it's more likely ME booking the diary with ride days! Pays to have a partner who rides! :p
  12. wow you really know me huh... thats how i roll.
    but expect taunts & insults when you come on here & complain that your lady is controlling your life :nopity:
  13. Get her to get her license and a bike too..... problem sorted.
  14. yeah i did expect the jokers, but hey I do that to people too so not phazed!

    hahaha I just wanted a rant. xmas is the worst - so much planning.

    I need to get her riding pillion first before she will even consider a bike. even then i think she will hate it so not much luck there...

    I am taking some advice and stealing her diary... all sundays are now mine
  15. oh come on mate - wack up 2 pics having a go at me and I reply and you get all "ooohh expect to be insulted" I expect a few jokes no doubt but no, I don't expect to be insulted. Though i don't think anyones gone that far.

    all in the name of a laugh eh!

    chicks I have known all love to plan, guys I know don't seem to want to ever plan anything more than a day ahead - so its seems to be pretty common...
  16. yes it is. why do you think chicks hate pub crawls. best planned pub crawl ive been on is "we meet here, we'll finish somewhere near central"

    as for rides. i tell my girl that i'll be going on a ride sometime that weekend or on this day. nuff said. just make sure to give her enough time. i get 1 day a fortnight. the only reason i dont get more is because of my own other commitments. oh yeh that word...commitments. i think its the antonym of motorcycling.

    p.s. LOVE THE "WHIPPED" MAG so tru for many of my friends...not me... no never.. :roll:
  17. you just need to grow some balls :p :LOL: :LOL:

  18. ouch. your all just too scared to admit it happens to you all too :)

  19. blahahahaha.....coming from you.....did shambles give you permission to post today :rofl: :p