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Is your first bike New or second Hand?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Zealt, Jan 3, 2009.

  1. Brand Spanking New Off The Show Room Floor.

  2. 2nd Hand, Less then 5 years old.

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  3. 2nd Hand, Less then 10 years old.

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  4. 2nd Hand, Less then 15 years old.

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  5. My bike is pre Cretaceous Period.

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  6. I Just Wanna See The Results.

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  7. What does this button do?

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  1. I’ve seen a few posts in the short time I’ve been on Netrider and I’m amazed at the number of new riders buying a brand new bike for their first bike.

    Why? I can assume the joy of owning a new shiny perfect bike would be appealing as would the thought of having something that’s reliable too.

    But, don't you realize your a lot more likely to drop and destroy your first bike? Or treat it in a way that could be detrimental to its health.

    So why not get a 2nd hand bike? One that’s done a few K's (not too high) enough to bring the price down, enough to show the engine has been run in and proven to run well afterwards.

    Sure if you drop your bike and have good insurance it gets fixed, but if it’s your fault your premium goes up. A cheaper bike you can just forget about the cracks and scratches in the fairings, dings in the tank and faded bits of paint and go on riding, not waiting for your insurance company to fix it.

    No matter what bike you have it will loose value over time thanks to depreciation. So second hand or new you loose cash on both, BUT! The second you roll a new bike out of the yard it can loose a couple thousand straight away, and you could save those couple of thousand buying a bike 2 years old.
  2. I bought my first bike ('05 GS500F) brand new. The main reasons for this decision were:

    1. I have a history of buying vehicles that look fine but turn out to have expensive hard to spot issues that make my life hell. I didn't want that to happen again.
    2. Being in my late twenties, and not some layabout uni student with no job, I could afford it.
    3. I wanted to buy myself something nice instead of always saving my money... what's the point of saving if it isn't to buy something I really want?

    I never dropped it, I did everything according to the manual when running it in, always kept it in the garage and never treated it badly. In return, it never gave me any trouble, started first time every time, never broke down and was 100% reliable and a pleasure to ride. It goes down in history as one of the best purchases I have ever made, which easily made up for the money I lost when it came time to sell 18 months later (bought new for $8,500 sold for $6,500).
  3. A new ZZR-250 would have set me back $9000, and I bought a four year old with 5000km for $5500 all up from a private seller. More or less mint condition, maintained well and ridden lightly (compared to yours truly).

    Best purchase I have ever made, period. Dropped the bloody thing two months later and scuffed up the right fairing something fierce. It was on the second time I took the bike on gravel. Never again. I've forgiven myself but I'm still saddened when I think of the bike in its battleworn state.

    Now imagined how pissed I would have been if I had forked out $3500 more only to drop the thing. :shock:

    As far as insurance goes, I have third party damage, and a disc lock. Comprehensive is a joke. But with idiots like me dropping the things, it's no wonder. :wink:

    Zealt, the depreciation loss people take on a new bike is next to nothing compared to that taken on a new Falcon or Commodore or whatever. I think this is why many people say 'oh what the hell' and buy new. :LOL:
  4. Cars are practical, bikes for the most part are not. It makes sense then that most people will see a need for a car, whereas bikes are not viewed as a necessary item. Given that, it makes sence that people buy a bike through choice as a toy/luxury item. An expensive toy is generally something attainable only for those with a healthy disposable income thus, one can assume that most riders have a bit of cash to play with (though not all), so it makes little difference to them for a few extra grand either way. :)

    Don't worry though, you're not alone in seeing the new bike as a bit of a waste. Many of us have owned shitheap, 5th hand CB250's we couldn't afford at the time (missing rent to buy tyres) purely because we are primarily motorcyclists..., not financial advisors (Nakkas very much excluded). :grin:
  5. I bought my other half a 12 month old GPX250 with 8000kms on it which cost $4000 and I seriously thought about buying a new bike for her.

    Sure she might have dropped it, but she's just as likely to do that with an older bike and (here is where I differ) it doesn't matter how new or old a bike is it needs to be in excellent condition.

    I don't mind old bikes, lots of them I'd love to own in fact bu no dings, no dents etc allowed!

    That takes away a lot of the advantage of owning an older bike.
  6. I bought my my bike as 2nd hand because I couldn't afford to get brand new and the wife would kill me if I did.

    Though this bike is a '95 it did only have 300- kms on the clock at purchase.

    I was a little worried about any issues that it may have had. Though the stator is probably buggered but thats my issue because the place that serviced it before purchased only replace the reg/rect and didn't check the stator.
  7. My bike is about to turn 10. Bought it the middle of last year, and mechanically it's A1, there are a few small nicks and scratches, but I love it all the same :LOL:
    I think it would be easier learning to ride on a second hand bike because your not as worried about damaging it.
  8. Someone has to buy new - otherwise we'd soon run out of second hand 250s.

    Although personally I don't see the point in buying something that's as boring and predictable as something that actually starts first go each morning, and which doesn't mysteriously lose parts mid-ride (though I guess you could always buy a new Hyosung....).
  9. Nah, I think we could count on Sumoto importing a never ending supply of worn out and trashed 250's. :)
  10. I don't have a bike yet but when I do get one I plan on buying new, because I don't intend on getting another bike after my L's so I want a brand new bike because I will be riding it for a long time, I'll own it until i get a Harley.

    So I don't want to buy a bike that someone may have thrashed or anything like that, I'll know that anything that has happened to the bike will be because of me.

    So what if it gets dropped, it might not, it doesn't happen to everyone. Although even someone who's been riding for 10 years can drop a bike.

  11. i picked up a '96 suzuki across, as i like nifty features. a smooth, revvy 4 cylinder engine (albeit torqueless) and also the much criticised manbag

    although its down on power and a little small for me, the bright side is i have a long list of excuses to upgrade in a few months :grin:

    spending 8 - 10k on a learner bike seems excessive to me since you can buy 2nd hand full sized bikes for that. the 650cc learner bikes seem a no-win situation for me too as there would be less reason to upgrade, but the bike would still fall short of what im looking for
  12. I buy new because for once in the last ten years I am in a position to do so, and having grown up with second hand vehicles and having had to drive long distances not knowing if the vehicle would make it.

    I have no intention to repeat those days if I don't have to.

    However this doesn't mean that I am naive enough to think that new necessarily means more reliable but at least there is scope for more redress than buying second hand.
  13. My only option was to buy secondhand since I didn't have much money to spend on it.

    Managed to get a 1993 ZXR250 for $3300 it's adequate for learning on but I can't wait to upgrade.

    Within the first month of owning it it got knocked over out the back of work and sustained minor scratching and cracks and a broken brake lever..... mighty glad it wasn't nice shiny and new when that happened
  14. WHEN I'm eventually able to upgrade, one of two bikes I'm considering will have to be 2nd hand as it's not in production anymore, even IF I got it tomorrow :cry: The other? A possibility of purchasing new, IF it's still in production in 2010 :roll:

    Currently riding a 3rd hand ZZR 250 which goes great :)
  15. I think if you exercise an amount of common sense and take a bit of time to look over the bike and quiz the seller, it is very difficult to go wrong with a low km second hand bike.
  16. 06 VTR-250 with 3960km for $6700.

    Second hand but almost new!
  17. I got my bike all but brand new.
    It was ridden three times before the owner (my boss' wife decided that she didn't like the seat height) - for a 125, it is actually quite tall.

    So although not "strictly" brand new - at 134kms on the Odometer when I Got it - it was all But brand new.

    As for cost advantages - I got this one on the never-never plan/ ($100 a month) - So I had no "money" issues with getting new.

  18. i think the golden rule of, "you get what you paid for" applies here, no matter how old your bike is.
  19. I bought a brand new GS500F when I got my L's. I could afford a new bike and I didn't think the savings for a second hand were all that great.

    I paid less than $8k on the road. A second hand one in good condition was $6.5k+. A new bike gives me a 2 year unlimited K warranty. I live in the country and need a reliable bike.
  20. that really depends on what you "need" in a new bike. simply being "new" is more of a personal choice/taste rather than anything. a first learner bike isnt going to be an investment.

    reliability, low enough kilometres that major parts dont need replacing, not such an important possession that you cant afford to wreck it....these can all be had in a 2nd hand bike.