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Is your bike cutting out at traffic lights?

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Johnny O, Sep 4, 2007.

  1. Hey Guy's, we here at Cosway Motorcycles are finding a number of customers bikes lately have been cutting-out when pulling up to a stop, has anyone else noticed the same?

    We have a feeling that the petrol companies may have made changes to petrol?

    Thanks, John :)
  2. Only when the engine is still cold and I've neglected to put the pretend choke on. I use BP ultimate.
  3. I have had this happen to me twice in recent months.

    First occassion, extremely cold and very foggy conditions, tank was nearly empty, rode for about 20kms no hassle, although no traffic lights were stopped at, fuelled up at Shell on the western ring Rd, continued home, get to the off ramp at Paco rd and brrr, stalls, fired her up again, next set of lights.... brrrr, stalls again, fire her up again and continued on.
    Approaching roundabouts, I noticed she was dying off as I slowed up, figured out I could nurse her on by increasing the revs at lights or roundabouts. Figured it was a bad batch of fuel. Next moring, start her up, no further issues :?

    Second occassion, heading down to Rosies a few weeks back.
    Filled up in melbourne (BP) rode to Cranboune without a hiccup. Left Cranbourne, rode on and from Tooradin onwards I had the same issues, died off at low idle at every set of lights or roundabout. This too was in very cold and foggy conditions. Next day, rode home without a hiccup.

    The first time it happened, I put it down to dodgey fuel, but then after the second time I thought perhaps it must have had something to do with the really bad fog and extreme cold, thats the only 2 same circumstances that tie the 2 occassions together.

    What are the circumstances/conditions at the time relating to others with this problem John, are they too having this occur in cold/foggy conditions?
  4. I also use BP Ultimate, and no problems here... *touches wood*
  5. Mine does it heaps, however, its in such a desperate need of a tune :LOL:
  6. Fuel has winter and summer formulations.

    In winter it's more dense.

    Assuming they haven't contaminated it, there is a chance you can get "rich cut out" in winter if your mixtures is already rich. This is primarily a carby bike issue though.

    may or may not have anything to do with the observations...
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  7. did itthis mornin but ti thinkit more to do with running on the reserve line...had to turn the tap at the next lights.

    Usually the Spada is pretty good, only when the weather is really cold does it complain.
  8. What he said. Winter fuels have a lower vapour point that summer fuels, and if you get a few very warm days in cooler months, you tend to get vapour lock issues when hot. Used to be QUITE common when carbed cars still roamed the earth in numbers.

    Regards, Andrew.
  9. I had this almost happen to me a few times. It seemed like it was going to cut out (like the revs r runing extremly low). I just give it abit of rev and its fine. I thought I was the only one. I had a play around with the idle setting but it was useless when cold. When Its hot I have to adjust it again. So I just left it and give it abit of rev if the bike looks like its gonna cut out.
  10. what is this "traffic lights" you speak of?

    nup, doesnt happen down here, but we dont use "winter fuel" as ambient temperature never falls low enough to require it. there is most definitely dedicated winter fuel though, because the new office dude went to order it and got a stern look from accounts because it is a little more expensive (we have 40k litres of bulk storage for fuel)
  11. Yep

    Yep, happened to me twice today. Exactly as you said - when I slowed down for the lights. Bike's just been serviced as well, running beautifully. I'm about half way through a tank of fuel though? If it was fuel, wouldn't this have happened shortly after filling up?
  12. Was the double post a pun, of sorts? :LOL: :LOL:
  13. sketchy as funk when ur coming up quick in the wet to some box drivers arse at a traffic lights and she runs out on you lol, my tiny 125 does it, i love a quirky bike. keeps me on my toes. she overheats alot due to my tastes for speed, very difficult after u get a taste for the fast lane. i have a specific mechanic for her, i got her fresh out the box and theres no evidential problem, i just gotta accept it unless it becomes a safety issue then i will take the next step. i used to think i was the only one, wet, dry or hot or cold she does it none the less. maybe two times a day depending on traffic, hopefully shes warm so i dont have to scramble for the choke whilst holding in the clutch in my winter gloves!! i love a good fumble but its not great when ur trying to not crash or cause one lolxx
  14. not enough info.

    im inclined to agree with robsalvvrobsalvv it's likely a winter/summer fuel mix thing.... depending on your region, recent weather, make of bike/bikes etc.

    it could also be that the nearest servo to you, where your customers likely stop, has dodgy fuel at the moment.

    if you're selling bikes and its a particular type/model/year of bike... it's likely a defect and you should rectify it for your customer, not look for excuses.