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Is Warburton the Marijuana capital of Victoria?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Sir Ride Alot, Jun 9, 2010.

  1. When I used to visit Warburton before the surrounding speed limits were lowered my family and I would stop in the town and usually do the tourist thing. Most times though we could always smell that familiar aroma of Marijuana smoke in the air. Even when we stopped there during rides we experienced this most times. This never happened anywhere else. I thought it was pretty funny so I pose the question.

    Is Warburton the Marijuana capital of Victoria?

    If this is the case then why are the police spending so much time chasing motorcyclists when they would have drug related issues to deal with?

    Search words: tourism australia touring travel holiday accomodation speed police fines nanny state victoria alp government

  2. so ah, still 'dropping in' to Warburton occasionally huh, Sir? :D
    and leaving the family at home these days..?
  3. i had a reply for this post when i clicked ,... but now i can't remember what it was
  4. Too many banana skins?
  5. So you mean to tell me all I smell in the open air riding into Warby is more that open fires.....lol
    Hmm.... always happy to ride to Warby but maybe it's been for alternative reasons...hehe
  6. I always thought Boolarra was hooch capital of Vic?
  7. I've no idea, but thanks for the tip :grin:.
  8. Haven't ridden there since the Reefton speed limit was lowered.
  9. + 1

    Not much point now.

  10. heh heh... Reefton
  11. Good one. T(lLoki)!!..t'oki geddit?
  12. Are there any more alleged marijuana capitols..Warburton is nice.
    A list of towns might come in handy for an upcoming unplanned as yet tour ;-)
  13. As far as I know, draw a line around the yarra valley. Unfortunately, there's nothing like Nimbin in Victoria. :(