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Is this your Hyosung?

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by chrome, Nov 8, 2010.

  1. [​IMG]

    Before anyone jumps in to defend him, no. Just, no. There is no excuse for parking like this unless you're parking it to angle a little uphill. He's facing downhill. He's taking up 2 or 3 spaces parked like that.

  2. Looks to me the three bikes on the right are parked in line with each other and the two on the left are causing the problem
  3. Looks to me like its a hyo bashing thread, but with no real purpose.
    All bikes look fine to me . . .

    Across the road the bike near the scooter is on a little angle.
  4. Wrong. He's taking up 2-3 spots. It's not a hyo bashing thread. It's a badly parked bike bashing thread.
  5. Well one's a Hyodung and the other is a Kymco. You'd expect them to tend more left.
  6. [​IMG]

    I can understand a cruiser needs room to lean, but come on, everyone manages about 90 degrees. Yeah, the scooter isn't perfectly at right angles, but its not taking up 2-3 spaces, as it's on a center stand. I knew as soon as I posted this that someone would try to defend it, but its just stupid.

    If you see another bike parked at a stupid angle and its the only spot left, you don't park at the stupid angle, too. You park straight. Everyone parks straight, at 90 degrees.

    You mightn't agree, but you didn't have to park there this morning.
  7. There are better things to waste energy on that a poorly parked bike.
    From that picture even if it was parked more efficiently, you'd be pretty hard pressed to fit another bike in there without making it squishy.
  8. I know exactly where that is now too! Right near World Tower?
  9. Its a vent. This is a forum to vent in. Hence the venting. Venting might be a waste of energy, but isn't it my energy to waste?

    Yep. Pitt street.
  10. Sadly this happens most days but I'm sure this rider would be a poor parker regardless of what he was riding. Perhaps the name of the thread was to more easily identify the rider
  11. ^ Agreed.

    From what I'm seeing, if you consider the scooter next to it is also parked slightly at angle, the bike isn't taking up much more than a single space. (You seriously think you can squeeze in three, let alone two, bikes in its spot?)

    If you take away the hyo *and* the scooter, perhaps you can squash in 3 spots. Which in case, blame the scooter just as much for starting the lean angle.

    Either way, it's the norm to park your bike at an angle anyway, it makes for a better angle taking off in to the road. If I were the first one on the lot, I would've parked at an angle.
  12. I dunno, I have parked here for about 6 months now, and there seems to be somewhat of a gentleman's agreement, at least amongst the motorcyclists, to park properly. ie, give the other guy room to stand the bike up and park straight. The scooters are often all over the shop, but you can work around them.

    That Hyosung is new. I don't remember seeing it before.

    Again, this isn't a thread about bashing hyosung's. I'm not here to disparage the good name of Hyosung or it's riders, or cruisers, or whatever. I just would like the owner of the bike above to just park straight, next time.

    If I met him, I'd say the same thing that I've said in this thread.
  13. Wrong. Thats a one way street, he's pointing against the flow of the traffic. If you wanted to park like that, you'd point to the right, not the left.
  14. Ah, I stand corrected then (for this particular case).

    But my general point stands -- that is, you generally want to park at a slight angle pointing to the traffic, unless it's impractical (the grade of the road, etc).

    Either way, so the dude/gal parked slightly off to what everyone else was doing, it not a giant whoop. And besides, the I'd say the scooter was almost as much to blame, consider it started a bit of the angle prior to the hyo -- perhaps the hyo owner was just following along with the new angle...
  15. More stirring you, than defending.

    That photo is better, but I think you are getting a bit carried away with the 2-3 bikes. Looks to me if all the bikes from the aqua vespa through to the Hyodung you could get 1 extra bike in, maybe 2.

    Straightening the 'dung itself would only yield a posty bike space and even then the other 2 bike owners would be pissed.
  16. Mondays suck for some!
  17. Meh, I'm over it now.

    At the time I pulled up, I'm like, oh, great. Thats so awesome. It'd be nice to get someone to at lest tentatively agree with me :p

    edit: oh, and you bastard :p
  18. I try:LOL:
  19. 2-3 spaces is a huge over-statement. Imagine that bike isn't there and mentally insert bikes in the gap. You'd struggle to get 2 in without having them in contact.