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Is this what we've become?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Doch, Feb 26, 2007.

  1. This afternoon I'm heading towards Melboune along the Princess freeway @ Bunyip. I'm at the back of three cars that I can see, I'm in the right lane with two cars in front 1 car at the front of the pack in the left lane, speed 110. All of a sudden a cage,that i didnt even know was there has spun and is reverse sideways slide accross both lanes thanfully missing every body and coming to rest at right angles facing back anto the road but off the road.
    Every body hits the picks, I pull into the left lane expecting the drivers in front to pull over but nope not one they just kept going.
    When i pulled the driver still hadnt moved buy the time i gotof the bike he was looking around and starting to get out of the car. Thank god he was ok. Turns out he had nodded of woke up paniked and over corrected.
    But why was i the only one to stop?
    What, the car didnt hit any thing or roll so does that automatically mean that the driver is ok?

    Is this what we now think of our fellow road user. :shock:

    How do others feel about this?
  2. I feel like you've posted in the wrong forum for starters. [​IMG]
  3. I have little to no respect for cagers so what you describe didn't even surprise me.

    People are ar$ehats. Good thing we're not. I'm excluding most scooter riders though.. :?
  4. Until its time for you part-time riders to cage it of course. :p
  5. Am I trained in first-aid? No.

    Will I become part of a traffic nightmare? Probably.

    Will I have to wait for police and stuff - which always takes ages? Probably.

    Am I late for work? Yes.

    ... not defending them, but those are the thoughts running through their heads.
    "Leta professional handle it" etc.

    I'd stop - but I can see why some people wouldn't... and to be honest, if it's going to be some retard who doesn't know about first aid for neck injuries, or some hysterical b1tch without a clue: I'd be happy they keep driving.
  6. It's great to let a profesional handle it but they have to get there first. If we're relying on the Ambos to call themselves when someone has a heart attack/fit/stroke at the wheel, we're in serious trouble. It doesn't take much to stop and ask "Are you alright mate?" :)
  7. Splitting your fuel line or falling off on speed bumps does not qualify.
  8. HAHA being a nice guy does have it's perks. riding down the GOR with my mate and we get stuck behind a very slow moving car (first gear speeds)
    when the car pulled over and people started to over take i noticed that there was a trail of fluid leading to the car. so i pulled over. to my joy (no joke) two HOT swedish backpackers... we ended up giving them a lift to geelong.... :)
  9. i would have done the same thing, but your right no one has respect for anyone else these days
  10. I'd say a lot of people do think along these lines, but whos to say the driver hasn't had some sort of heart attack or something and needs an ambulance. Only takes 30 seconds to stop n say, u ok, and if they are then head off.

    I can understand most drivers not stopping, but for no one to stop at all except for wot the, thats pretty off.

  11. We should all feel very happy that the "riders fraternity" is so strong, in that if it was a motorcycle that pulled over, ANY rider thereafter would pull over to make sure all is well, and probably a few cars as well.
  12. Doesn't surprise me in the slightest.

    Pushing my bike uphill on the side of a fairly busy road towards the petrol station, I was actually in a fair bit of bother with respect to dehydration. As it was, I just managed to get the side-stand down in time before I pretty much collapsed beside the bike. I lay there for 10 minutes.

    Did anyone, ANYONE, in a car stop? No.

    Got up again, pushed the bike another 100m uphill, collapsed again, but this time a car did pull over, and it was a husband and wife who are both riders.

    I tell you, the moment you put most of the population in a cage behind their "safe" little windscreen, the rest of the world becomes somebody else's problem. They do not want to get involved, at all.
  13. I see it like this, If you help someone, one day someone may help you.

    If it were your mother who had spun the car, and she had a heart attack, stroke etc, would you be pissed that nobody stopped to check if she was ok???

    I bet everyone would.
  14. I've seen riders and stuff stopped on the side of the freeway standing there looking like they are waiting for someone... so I have never bothered to stop.

    But if I saw someone spin out or look like they are in trouble I would consider pulling over and seeing if it is all ok.

    I'm actually kinda scared to stop and help randoms on the side of the road, some of them look like they want to **** me in their back seat....