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N/A | National Is This What They Think of Us?

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by mjt57, Mar 14, 2012.

  1. probably

    but who cares, nothing you do changes their minds, and a lot of what riders do just cements the opionon.....
  2. That about sums it up.

    The average people out there aren't the brightest lasers at the light show.
  3. Gosh, a forum thread full of cagers wanking on about motorcyclists splitting, filtering and generally "making progress" in traffic.

    Fuck 'em. I'm too old, grumpy and tired to play nice any more. It's never worked and never will.
  4. On the Hume Hwy last weekend, I saw more dipstick cagers weaving and diving around from lane to lane than I have EVER seen motorcycles splitting. And not one of 'em did a head check, indicated or allowed for other vehicles.

    Pot calling kettle black? The only difference was it got them nowhere.
  5. Tall poppy syndrome strikes again
  6. Whirlpool earnt the nickname 'whingepool' for good reason....

    Either way, the non IT related topics on there are full of very random information at times. Since the forum was opened up to other topics, the quality, even in the IT sections, has decreased IMO.
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  7. That forum is the nerdvana of anything, what those twats have to say of motorcycling is irrelevant as most of them are still comparing driving by playing grand theft auto rather than living in the real world.
  8. If only cagers would realise that by us splitting/filtering, we reduce congestion and so they get to their destination faster than they would have if we "played nice" and occupied a car space in queues.

    But no, they don't care if everyone gets there later as long as someone other than them doesn't get there earlier!!!!
  9. ^^^ So true.

    We're actually doing them a favour.
  10. ahh well, at least someone linked this on there. always good to watch before leaving for work in the morning. gets you pumped and ready to hit the monash.
    noobs enjoy >
  11. Don't know about enjoy - I think I held my breath through most of it........
  12. Doesn't seem that unreasonable at all. How do you expect them to see us?
  13. should have posted it in that other thread, 'what is a clutch for'
  14. Gotta love the wheelie on the wrong side of the road with a truck heading towards him, I guess if he's gonna go, he's gonna go in style.
  15. What a fkn d!ckhead. I expect that when he reaches his imminent demise people will gather round the flaming wreckage to point and laugh.

    10 outa 10 for style, but minus a billion for smarts.
  16. LOL me too. Was glad when it finished so I could breathe again!
  17. I watched that video thinking... "I wonder if there someone on a bike coming the other way with the same idea..."
  18. That forum just hurt my head...

    Poor cagers are that confused they confuse each other.