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Is this what the victorians cop each week?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by waedwe, Feb 28, 2009.

  1. Went for a quick ride to the robertson pie shop and macquarie pass this afternoon to blow out the cobwebs after weekdays commuting, arrive at robertson to ride down the pass, in the ride down the pass, 4 police cars, 3 highway patrol and 1 unmarked light blue commodore are to be found lurking, ride back up by then they have been joined by a marked red highwaypatrol vehicle, pull into pie shop begin talking to other riders who say they have been around the area all day following bikers like the plague, as we talk the sound of bike engines arrives, all as usual look to perve on the next arriving group of bikes, 3 police bikes cruise up slowly heads turned left watching us like some sort of scene from a horror movie, so in summarry 30 minutes or so around the pass there were 5 highway patrol vehicles and 3 police bikes on a stretch of road that runs 6 to 10km's sounds lik the victorian version of law enforcement on biker habitats is catching, hopefuly its a 1 or 2 day blitz but it is a lot of resources for a small road and limited number of targets

  2. No, Victorian police are nowhere near that active. They prefer to snooze in their cars and let the speed camera do all the work. Or alternatively don't even bother and get a private contractor to do it. With a tolerance of speed less than the nationally mandated speedometer accuracy its like shooting ducks in a barrel. :(

    A disenchanted Victorian.
  3. Never seen anything like that sort of police presence on well ridden roads in Victoria,
    Seems very much like a NSW thing.
  4. almost sounds like the eastern this morning. 3 marked 2 bikes, and a dodgy looking commodore parked on the burke road on ramp.
  5. Sounds like every other weekend in the Yarra Ranges to me.
  6. counted 7 police cars/bikes on the way back home from the superbikes yesterday
  7. Someone has a guilty conscience.
    Nothing to worry about if you're doing nothing wrong :LOL:
  8. They only want to make friends. But seriously, that sort of presence is great. You take notice. It is when they sit up off-ramps behind trees that shits me. I prefer to see them acting as a visible deterent, then a hidden money trap.
  9. I've been riding Mac Pass a couple of times a week (for fun) for the past 9 months, and haven't once seen a police car or bike. So yea, must be some kind of blitz. And if you did do something wrong, where would they pull you over. Would they stalk you until you reached the bottom/top?
  10. Only the contractors work the cameras in Vic, Cops haven't done it for years. Yeah the tolerance is low, but can you find one person who has copped a speeding ticket from a traffic cop that is any where near that low? You'd be lucky to find one that copped a ticket for less than 15 over. Maybe for a blitz but that is rare.
  11. yep i ride it most weekends and if i can during the week, and have never seen anything like those numbers, maybe the odd police car now and then, and was also thinking where would they stop someone would guess at the top or bottom, but at least i got a real good look over the unmarked commodore to see all the set up on the car and things to be alert for before overtaking anyone
  12. Yep, you can usually spot the undercover VE Commodore by all those little antennas on the back, and if your eyes are sharp you can see the light bars on the rear parcel shelf. Other cars to look out for are the latest Mitsubishi Pajeros, and I've heard rumours of Lancers as well.
  13. Blue Lancer with distinctive pattern on bonnet. There are 2 in Albury. Got the normal paraphenalia on them.
  14. I live in the Yarra Ranges. You got that one right.
  15. Different tactics in Victoria. either it's stealth camera or radar work, or else you get pulled over as you go past a checkpoint and they go over every bike looking for roadworthy items.
    To be fair, I've only been treated decently by the working officers lately but you do hear about some nasty stuff. We are told that may change, possibly for the better.
    You do still see the occasional patroling marked car.
  16. Ahhh, sounds like you experienced a Blitz.

    You are now supposed to feel safer while you sleep, vote for Labour, and complain less about paying taxes.
  17. You imply that your speedo reading accuracy causes speeding fines.

    I am yet to see a car who's speedo reads slower than actual speed, the only way it's innacuracy could lead to a speeding fine. Every car i have ever owned or driven reads above what the actual speed is. i.e. to get a fine you would need to be travelling at a displayed speed well above the posted speed limit.

    Another Victorian looking somewhere other than his right wrist or foot for someone to blame.....

    The only problem with speed cameras is they have no way of taking into account the circumstances of any given incident, which could be explained to a flat foot.
  18. Agree to an extent but it's getting to the point where we spend more time looking at our speedo than looking for potential road hazards (and I'm being serious).

    With the power and smoothness of modern bikes you can't afford to NOT spend more time looking at your speedo than anything else. That doesn't seem right to me.
  19. You're talking about modern bikes that have speedo readings 6% - 7% optimistic :eek: Yes I have been booked :cry:
  20. Um... :shock: