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Is this true?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by wang chung, May 24, 2005.

  1. If your in a low riding posistion and then you sit up, the center of gravity changes. Is that change possible to make you crash?

    High speeds?
    Even if you stand up?

    A friend who has never ridden a motobike ( andwho exagerates so much that i dont beleive anything he says anymore) was telling me i shoudn't use my body as wind resistence to slow down cause i will crash and die.

    My body + engine + normal brakes = win?

  2. lol,watch motoGp and the likes mate,after coming down a straight at 300+ they'll sit up 8) You wont crash mate and yes your mate is a fool. :LOL:
  3. Bahahaha. Tell him he's right, and you've gotta watch out for passing wind on a motorcycle too, as it could blow you off course. :p
  4. tell him to get his hand off it.
  5. I think he got angry when he wanted to ride my bike and i said "i would if you wernt so short" cause i was concered that he would drop it cause his legs would barely touch the ground. I guess he was trying to pay out tall people :p

    On another note, he also said that all the Top bikers were short, cause short people make for better riders.

    lol.. if i confront him about it he wont beleive me anyway :wink:
  6. Not necessarily better riders, but lighter (faster acceleration) and less wind resistance (faster accel and top speed) - and won't blow off or fall over when they sit up.
  7. he sounds like a real brain surgeon this friend of yours!. :LOL: :LOL:
  8. His more of an aqquaintence actually :p
  9. lol! :LOL: Thats the problem when you ride bikes mate,you get a lot of people telling you crap about them when in reality they have no clue. :LOL: :LOL:
  10. His name isnt jason is it?
  11. Smaller riders also weigh less and bring about a better power-to-weight ratio for a given bike.
    However, there is a limit, as a fair degree of strength is needed to wrestle with a motogp bike too, so, as usual, the answer lies somewhere in the middle.
  12. So what height are all the top Riders?

    Quiz time!!
  13. My guess is you'd find that info on the Motogp site somewhere and also on the SBK site for the superbike riders.
    A VERY interesting question.....wish I'd thought of it!
  14. your mate is right, and he should be thanked for most probably saving your life. BUT to avoid this, you just need to install some heavier headlight fluid and a couple of lightweight muffler bearings which brings your nose down and tail up, making the bike almost impervious to the wind regardless of rider position :LOL:

    go down to your local bike shop and explain the situation, any mechanic worth his salt will gladly do the work for you. also, you should tell your mate to make the same mods to his car, it could save his life if he opens the rear passenger window over 92.6kph :wink:
  15. Yeah, i've heard about Nissan's (in particular Skylines ;)) rolling for no apparent reason other than the windows were opened; or atleast thats what the insurace report said. :p

    Real bright spark your mate is; standing up on a bike isnt the smartest thing to do whilst at speed, but if im on a long group ride and my ass or leg goes dead i don't have a choice other than to stretch em and/or stand up for a moment.
  16. Too funny.

    Does this guy have any other friends?
  17. so to drift over to cars but i do find a bid difference in the way my car handles at 200 with the windows open and closed. I have only taken it to 180 with the front windows open and the backs just a lil. It started getting jumpy in the arse end and when i hit the gradient change on the westgate i was sure i was a goners. I put it down to windows but who knows could have just been the road at the time.
  18. i think you need to change your muffler bearings, probably a bit worn. also, a massive stainless steel spoiler should lower your wind resistance and a set of 220 grade fluffy dice hanging from the mirror should give you the balance you'll need.....
  19. Eddy Lawson was over 6 foot...

    Didn't stop him dominating 500cc GP for a few years...
  20. seriously roflmao. you make laughter