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Is this thing on?

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by Diotolevi, Feb 1, 2016.

  1. G'day,

    I'm reasonably new to two wheels, though thoroughly addicted. I've been reading Netrider for a while & found it to be an invaluable resource - so I thought it was about time I registered & contributed wherever I can.

    I started out on a Kawasaki VN250 (Eliminator) but have just upgraded to a Yamaha XVS650A. As you can probably guess, I'm more about the comfort than the speed, though I am loving having a few more horses at my disposal. I've undertaken an oath to the minister for finance that this is the last purchase (at least until I get through my restrictions).

    Well that's the formalities out of the way.

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  3. welcome to Netrider :)
  4. Welcome to NR.

    As an ex-rider of XVS 650, I love the bike. Very cruisey and dependable.

  5. Welcome mate :D

    Start your campaign early for you next upgrade, though you need to be subtle about it :)
  6. Thanks all for the welcome.
    69sim - I hear you loud & clear. This upgrade is a stepping stone toward an eventual heavy cruiser, so I'm already pushing the 'romantic weekends away' line. Doesn't seem to be cutting a lot of mustard at the moment, though.
  7. I think you have to start with fun mornings or afternoons.