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Is this the COOLEST scooter or what !

Discussion in 'Scooters' started by VCM, Mar 24, 2009.

  1. All I know is it's a Yamaha, and looks like a jetski on wheels.
    Complete with sound system and as comfy as a lounge chair



  2. it even looks like it has a glovebox...
  3. ridiculous numbers of those things on the road in japan. they are the VIP equivalent for scooters.
  4. It looks like they started with a Honda Accord and kept slicing away at it.... :eek: :LOL:

    Apart from that, it does look comfy and certainly something for slogging up and down the motorway.
  5. i'm torn, it has lots of cools features but... how fast does it go?

    It's kinda gay really. In like, a trendy gay way
  6. I think even I'd have one of those! :shock:
  7. Looks like a scooter for obese americans. :roll:
  8. Looks like a dildo with an ipod attached. Hmmm.....
  9. How odd... Looks almost approach the Honda DN-01 from certain angles.
  10. /mininecro

    Does it come with airbags?
  11. I was about to say the same thing. And they actually sound very beastly as well!
  12. yeah they are damn convenient for the type of traffic over there.

    loads of storage space and well suited to tokyo streets. very japanese styling.
  13. I vote NO.

    Looks like the bastard offspring of a scooter and a goldwing.

    If i came across a douche on a goldwing and a douche on that scooter... i'd probably have to beat the snot out of the scooter rider first.
  14. Aren't fully sicked up scooters all the rage in Japan?

    Hydrollic suspension, flash paint, body work, turbo kits etc...
  15. Yeah, basically a mini-goldwing with an auto transmission. They're about 650cc's if I recall correctly.

    I'm not sure if they're all the rage, but when I was there (back in 2005-06), they certainly weren't uncommon.
  16. We spent 3 weeks in Japan in Oct and Nov last year. There weren't many (if any?) 'fully sick' done up scooters/bikes. 4/5 two wheelers were the same/similar scooter as this thread is about. And some some normal street bikes but nothing 'too flash' or whatever.

    We spent 5 days in tokyo and the rest travelled on this tour from http://www.intrepidtravel.com/trips/JST
    Day 1

    Days 2-3

    Days 4-5

    Days 6-7

    Days 8-10

    Days 11-14
  17. It looks like a torpedo.
  18. iPhone...how appropriate
  19. The problem with scooters like that is that you wake up and they still exist.

    Call me old fashioned - but scooters are meant to be small, nimble, cheap ... and relatively slow (safer for idiots).

    I've got no objection to people wanting fast armchairs on wheels - just ride them on another planet ... and garage them there too.