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Is this the baldest tyre you've ever seen?

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by E2W, Nov 18, 2009.

  1. I think this guy gets the "I got my moneys worth out of that tyre" award for 2009.

  2. At least its not showing steel down the middle (y)
  3. where is mvrog to say, its photoshop? :)
  4. Don't front tyres typically wear in this fashion?
  5. Apart from tyres used for burnouts, yes. Yes it is.:shock:
  6. Phew. Thought it was going to be mine:-w

    That one makes me fell a little better.
  7. I saw this one not so long ago...


    I won't say whose bike it was on, though. [-(
  8. That's some seriously cambered roads that first tyre's been through... Did he do 20,000km around the same roundabout or something?
  9. I saw a Metzeler Laser front tyre on a Yamaha FZ750 at the St Kilda BP the other night, there was absolutely no sign of any tread what so ever, it was evenly worn all over..... no tread, no canvas, looked like a slick!
  10. Welcome back, Loz-man :)

    yes that is a seriously devalued tyre :LOL: