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Is this tail still legal (CBR 250R)?

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by dima, Dec 3, 2012.

  1. Hi,

    I wonder if this tail would still be legal:

    Looks like the angle of the plate holder isn't changed much (if that's what makes it illegal):

    Also what legislation regulates the allowed mods?
    I know this topic is brought up again and again, but I can't seem to find the recent official info from VicRoads.

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    Probably not, by the so called 45 degree rule.

    Australian Design Rules 42/00

    Rear ‘Axle’ and Side-car
    The wheel guard provided for the rear wheel and for the wheel of any side-car must extend not less than from a point vertically above the foremost part of the wheel rearward to a point not higher than the intersection of the arc of the wheel guard with a line through the centre of the wheel at 45 degrees to a horizontal plane through the centre of the wheel when a mass of 45 kg is distributed in the saddle of the vehicle at its ‘Unladen Mass’.
  3. That's because it's not determined by Vicroads, but by the national ADRs, 42/04 to be specific:
    Edit: Aaaargh, too slow. Damn you CJVFR :p
  4. :) No worries I forgot to add General Requirements
    The wheels of a vehicle and the wheel of a side-car must be fitted with wheel guards of width not less than the ‘Section Width’ of the tyre. The wheel guards must be so designed as to protect other road users, as far as practicable, against thrown-up stones, mud, ice, snow and water and to reduce for those users the dangers due to contact with the moving wheels.
  5. I though this 45 degree requirement was the national requirement but the RTA in NSW mentions the requirement from a line vertically upwards from the front of the rear wheel to one vertically up from the rear of the rear wheel.
    Not applicable to the OP since he is in Vic.
  6. Don't forget the bit about not being able to discharge a toilet onto the road. Relevant since anyone who complains about getting pinged for an illegal fender eliminator should stop for a moment and consider the repercussions if busses/campers chose to ignore the same ADR. ;)
    :riding: :poop: :yuck:
  7. So basically pretty much any fender eliminator is illegal in Vic?
    Plus folks are saying these days you insurer could see it is an illegal mod and possibly not pay your claim.
  8. Yep. Modern bikes seem to already be pushing the limits of the ADRs in the name of styling, so isn't really much room for elimination if you want to keep the required angle/width requirement.
  9. Thanks for the help guys.
    No elimination, so be it.
    At least I'll be sleeping well knowing that I don't have options :)
  10. Theres no reflector, who cares about everything else.
  11. The wording used in these ADRs I'm having difficulty interpreting. Here's a schematic of my understanding of the requirements. Input?

  12. Yes, that's it pretty much. As noted upthread, the 45 degree requirement on the rear is with a 45 kg mass on the rider's seat, presumably representing the lightest likely rider.
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