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"Is this still Meatloaf?" One night in Dunedoo...

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' at netrider.net.au started by NiteKreeper, Apr 22, 2012.

  1. "I fell in to a burning ring of fire"
    But we'll come to that part shortly...

    8am turned out to be too early for some, but that was OK since the thick Windsor fog was making actually seeing anything quite difficult.
    9am finally saw northerner, Tim, Grace, Snuffer and myself together, and we departed at 9.25.
    Still a bit foggy out (some of us were still a little foggy within...) and 2 of us were "Putty Virgins" so it was a fairly sedate run up to Grey Gums.
    Bacon and coffee onboard we hit the 10-mile, but I wasn't in the same groove as last time and messed up many times; Tim was fairly excited about how close I was to the edge of the cliff at one point :oops:
    And after that the riding was fairly straight and almost boring for the rest of the weekend, with one notable exception.
    But we'll get to that shortly...

    Lunch at Denman Hotel was nice, and we took the opportunity to chat to the locals about the surrounding roads.
    Snuffer left us there (well actually, we watched him fix a puncture and then he left).
    Tim wanted to go halfway to frigging Melbourne "for a look", but one of the old blokes had told me about a much shorter loop through Bylong to Wollar so we nixed that idea.
    "There might be a little bit of gravel" the old bloke mentioned, somewhat casually...

    What followed was about 25Km (felt like 125...) of some of the worst gravel I've ever ridden a road bike on - everything from large, soft drifts to corrugations you just couldn't go fast enough on.
    Needless to say all the bikes are filthy now, but everyone and all the bikes survived. I then proceeded to blame Tim for this bad idea for the rest of the weekend :D It was almost worth it for the wildlife - turtles galore and a lizard easily a meter long!
    Finally back on tarmac we coasted into Dunedoo - Grace actually coasted straight into the servo after running out of fuel on the last bend into town!

    The beer was good and cold, so we decided to have a few. Sorted out some cheap rooms for the night, and the publican kindly gave us a key to the shed out back so we could lock up the bikes. Awesome...
    And when we found the dining room also contained a pool table and juke box, our fates were sealed. Well OK: drenched in beer and cheap wine and then sealed...
    For the record, we kept changing the teams but my pool-playing partners were all crap, because I don't remember winning much.
    What I do remember however, is every frigging word to "Ring of Fire" by Johnny Cash, since Tim insisted on playing it on high rotation. Damn song was in my head all the way home today...
    And now that I think of it, we were pretty-much left alone in the dining room for the night! One of the funnier moments was Grace asking "Is this still Meatloaf?", when I think it was Queen on the (video) jukebox :)
    When we got kicked out of the bar at closing, we took more wine and beer up to our expansive balcony. Much laughter ensued, until one of our neighbours asked us to keep it down.

    Up early this morning we took off towards Mudgee for breakfast.
    The most expensive, least filling breakfast we'd ever had.
    On the way out of town we passed Macca's and I'm sure I heard Tim screaming somewhere behind me...

    We hit Lithgow at 11.30am, but pressed on down Bells Line after refueling. Northerner was keen to get home and disappeared fairly quickly. After a little while I took off after him, leaving Tim and Grace to cruise down the mountain together.
    I got in about 1.30pm, and even though I'm exhausted I parked up in the washing spot - I reckon there's a good few kilos of dust on the bike.
    Now I just need to summon the energy...
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  2. Thanks for sharing that NK, it brings back similar memories to me. Fun times, great roads and good mates. :)
  3. This reminds me of a story growing up in Tamworth. My best mate's dad went into the local hospital for a hemorrhoid operation. One of his mates rang the local radio station and requested a song for him - Jonny Cash's Burning Ring of Fire.
  4. It's a song that often runs through my mind the morning after a particularly fiery curry.
  5. Great write up Nitekreeper

    Here's a few snaps from the trip...

    Lunch stop

    Denman Pub for lunch

    Another smoke break....

    Our evening accommodation...

    Putting the bikes to bed in the pub's shed

    Refreshments after a long day in the saddle

    Warming up for the evening...

    An interesting mix

    Tim gets greedy

    And just to round it all off - here's a quick vid of Matt and Tim through the 10 mile. First vid from my new helmet cam so still need to sort some settings...

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  6. #6 Tim., Apr 23, 2012
    Last edited by a moderator: Jul 13, 2015
    Well that was rather painless, I thought after singing that much you guys would have had more on me than me testing to see if the wine bottle was still airtight (I wasn't drinking it like that, for the record and even if I were, it would have been because someone took my glass)

    for completeness I'll add our dirt road pic in and a quick video [URL="]Here[/URL]

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  7. I only got two photos in, sadly. I'm kicking myself for not brining the SLR.


  8. Glad I caught that flat at Denman and not on the way back.

    After leaving you guys I missed the turnoff into Broke and ended up in Maitland. Seriously, wtf, hah. Didn't get home till 7pm that night and I was absolutely exhausted.

    Maybe next time ill stay.
  9. Some great pics there, thanks! I've pinched the dirt road one and the one of us at lunch, above...
  10. Yes well obviously I've left out some of the more "incriminating" details of the night - "What happens on the road..." and all that.
    Next up is Eden in June, and I can't wait...
  11. I can't believe I forgot the thong story!

    We get to the pub and Tim whips off his pants to reveal boardies underneath, then pulls a pair of thongs out of nowhere! I was kinda jealous, standing there in my filthy jeans and boots...
    So Tim recounts a funny story about a bloke he saw ruin a pair of thongs once - I don't remember the punchline but do recall laughing heartily...

    It must have been instant karma, because before too long one of Tim's own thongs "blew out"! This time we were pissing ourselves at his earlier cockiness...
    Tim was clearly annoyed, and determined not to let the thong die. He fashioned a plug from a bottle top, and used a wine bottle to tighten it thusly:

    Needless to say it worked for about 5 minutes, and the thong in question was flung from the upstairs balcony not long afterwards; any hope of revival was lost the following morning when a local truck ran over it on the main street.