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Is this srx600 good?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by coylesolid, Jul 26, 2008.

  1. Yep get it for that price

  2. Yep but get it cheaper

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  1. Link to srx600

    Hey I like the above bike. Looks cool in a an old fashioned way but I dont know anything about singles, or about what it would be worth. Any opinions on what people think its worth, if they are a good bike etc. would be awesome.


  2. The SRX600 is regarded rather as the poor cousin to the SR500 but it's actually not that bad a bike.

    Without actually looking at the bike in question though it's almost impossible to form a reasonable opinion of whether it's ok or not.

    You're basically reduced to trusting in the seller being honest (which there's a reasonable chance of I suspect given the amount and quality of feedback).

    Having said that it's always better to have a bike inspected!
  3. Where is the "no! save your money option?"
  4. This bike's a bit of a cult classic. I ride an SR500 and I can say singles have a fabulous feel to them. I'd look seriously at buying it - I almost bought an SRX (sight unseen except a QLD Netrider was going to inspect it for me) but it sold beforehand. That price is pretty standard. I've heard the SRX is good, and if it's anything like its 70's predecessor the SR, it's charismatic in look and feel; light and flickable; with fun adequate power that won't tempt you to lose your license; due to the simplicity of parts its cheap and easy to work on and to run; and if like the SR then it has an engine which if looked after will last forever! Personally I'd go for it, after a proper inspection by myself or a trusted third party.

    NB however, can you live with a kickstart-only on a big single? Not always easy, though I don't know what the SRX is like in this regard (The SR deserves its reputation, even if the fault is age as much as anything).
  5. Go for it!

    Like Matt I'm slightly biased, but it'd be good fun.

    There aren't too many things that could go wrong with one, so if it's even been half looked after it'd do you proud.