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Is this squidding? Is this you?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by TarmacSamurai, Nov 20, 2007.

  1. I saw this today while I was out working and it confused me. Not a very clear shot, but...

    The guy is wearing the armour from a jacket, mounted within the sort of net shirt like usual, but without the actual jacket. I couldn't decide if this was squidding or not! :? :?:

    Sure, the armour is good protection, but I'd think he was risking some serious flesh reduction in all the spots between the plates.

    This was in Sydney about 12.30 today. Was it you? Personalised plate might give things away. If so, explain yourself! :)
  2. it's body armour on a mesh chassis. i would rate it one step down from a vented airmesh jacket protection-wise and one step up from just a back protector

    MX riders used to wear them under their jerseys. road riders have started to use them - especially stunt riders and it allows for good freedom of movement but keeps you cool
  3. Good compromise me thinks, seen a few in the online shops from A* and Icon, look like good value.
  4. Imagine the bizarre sunburn/tan patterns you'd be risking!

  5. Dude, this guy turned right onto the Cahill Expressway hey !

    I was standing on the corner waiting to cross over at Bridge St !
    I saw this guy also !
  6. I asked about this when looking at summer jackets. I was told that as that suit is more than the cost of a back protector + mesh jacket I was better off getting that.

    The problem with these armour suits is that they are designed for going under leather. Great for impact protection but without leather over the top they will simply tear apart when sliding along the road.
  7. He might well have done. I turned left down Hunter Street and he was in the right lane about 30 seconds after I grabbed that shot.

    Small world, eh!
  8. Better than ill fitting leathers or mesh jacket where the armour can move. Road rash around town aint going to be too bad anyway when the road inevitably finds the unprotected bits.
  9. This was my initial thought exactly.
  10. Anyone know what the lightest breathing jacket is while still providing good protection? Any suggestions?
  11. Try this
    The draggin' jeans ultra light jacket.

    I find it a good summer jacket. Cotton/linen mix with kevlar lining & can take some armour. Not up to leather or cordura but the breeze blows through and the around town protection is good.
  12. Damn! That's a little too ultralight!! Thanks tony
  13. I have an RJAYS Octane 2, seems to be pretty good for a summer jacket - really vented and cool... only problem is that the armour tends to move around
  14. [​IMG]

    I'd love to buy something like that. I think they'd be reasonable for just suburban riding in summer. Plus they just look badass, seriously, how fcuking cool does the guy in that pic look?? :LOL:
  15. This is pretty common. I know 3 people on this forum that wear body armour only on hot nights. Good impact protection and nice and cool on hot nights. Funny sunburn patterns during the day though :) Sure no friction or abrasion protection, but thats the risk thats taken. Each to his/her own.
  16. well it aint me, but I have in the past worn my armor like that but usually with a large Tshirt over the top.
    And off road I have come with it on and did the job quite fine.

  17. I was thinking of doing something similar for summer.
    MX armor under a denim jacket. The denim will be cooler than cordura or leather, it should stop the abrasion and the armor won't move because it is strapped fairly tight on the body.
  18. I own the exact jacket, Dainese Wave v2. I think its great, I wear it on hot days so i dont get the squiding look from people plus a little peace of mind. They look tuff and as N.A.M said alot of stunt/street riders wear them.
  19. Umm..can you define hot nights please?

  20. any weather greater than lets say 29, where even if you are wearing a t shirt and a jacket you a sweating like a pig