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Is this some sort of record....

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by hornet, Sep 26, 2008.

  1. .... or does it show what a nanny rider I am?

    I just replaced a rear tyre on the Hornet.

    I bought a BT-021 on the 3rd of November 2007, with my odo reading 106,192 kilometres.

    I just replaced it with another of the same type, on the 26th September 2008, with the odo reading 121,520 kilometres.

    That's 15,328 kilometres.

    I didn't think that I babied the bike; the chicken strips are permanently non-existent, (regular trips up and down Macquarie Pass) but obviously I ought to be treating them much harder than this :LOL:.
  2. Well done Paul. It goes to show what tyres can do if not flogged I guess. All up weight makes a big difference. Also moderate HP and "responsible" use of the throttle.

    I'm impressed with the 15k on a bike in 10 months too.
  3. Sigh.

    If only!
  4. i have got 8k+this weekends trip out of a pre-shagged ex-race tyre :)
  5. a friend of mine has identical tires as mine on his tl1000 (battlax bt015r),and he shreds them in 4000k's.ive done the same distance on mine and they hardly show much wear.we ride alot together and it seems our riding style is very similar so i cant work it out :?
  6. I was shocked when I got 13,000kms out of a set of pilot powers on the 600rr. Even did 3 full trackdays on them, and plenty of mountain runs.

    Regularly check the tyre pressures, keep the pressure high (38f-42r) and most importantly get the suspension set up right for your weight/style and long tyre life is the result.

    edit: sp
  7. Tyre pressures mebbe? Weight?
  8. Use throttle more. That should fix it... :cool:
  9. My rear Pirelli MT90 scorpion st lasted 16000 and when I changed it the mechanic said that I could have gotten another 3 or 4k more.

    I use the bike mostly for commuting and the odd long trip out and it wasn't very square and the chicken strips were minimal.

    The same tyre in the front is still fitted as it has heaps of thread. I love this pirelli scorpions, they are awesome in all conditions.

  10. Pretty much irrelevant to anything but the title:

    CDs spoiled it all. In the old days you could slip an LP down your pants and walk out of the shop. If security asked "Is that a record in your pants?" You could just smile and say "Well, thank you!"
  11. 13,000kms including two track days on Pilot Road 2's - best part is I think they are only 50% through. I do however spend a lot of time on the highway with high tyre pressures.

    Either way - pretty happy with them so far.
  12. one litre twin, that's all that needs to be said,

    big bore twins killer of tyres chains and sprockets since adam was a boy
  13. ricecooker got a bit over 20,000kms on a rear pilot road 2 before a nail/screw put an end to it's life
  14. I've seen you ride Paul, I wouldn't say you baby the bike, but you are very smooth and that helps a fair bit I think.

    Regards, Andrew.
  15. Helps the budget too, at $320 fitted :shock: :LOL:.
  16. So she got a whole monthh out of them!That girl does some k's :grin:
  17. haha yeah something like that disco, i heard you made an offer on her 6 :LOL: