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VIC Is this showing a grasp on the stats?

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by robsalvv, Mar 17, 2011.

  1. Have a gander at this local news paper article: http://whitehorse-leader.whereilive.com.au/news/story/riders-in-a-storm/
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    How do you feel about this article? Do you feel represented? Do the stats really show that we're crashing because of speed and inexperience?? To the best of my knowledge, Supt Neville Taylor is no dummy, but major collisions group don't get involved in most motorcycle crashes, so I'm concerned about those statements. Motorcycle crash reporting is pretty terrible and inconsistent.

    I'll leave the DC views to you guys.
  2. Jeez, it's a funny old world when DC speaks the most sense and the VP spokesperson just mouths emotive, vindictive, garbage...
  3. Problem is that the fatal collision wasn't a rear ender - it was more akin to a SMIDSY, so if you want to draw links and make a comment, there's much more that can be said about SMIDSY's than rear enders (important as they are). The other thing was that there wasn't a strong correlation between wet weather and motorcycle fatalities last year - so I'm not that impressed with DC on that front... but I grant that his intention was in the right place.
  4. Got himself in the press, got himself pwned. Way to go Damo.
  5. o shit....he's representing us??
  6. He represents the 'independent riders group'. Independent meaning singular :LOL:
  7. so he sits in his room wearing his leathers sniffing the insides confiscated helmets:LOL:
  8. How the interview may have gone...

    Reporter - Do you think it's possible rider inexperience in the wet may have contributed to the recent accident in heavy rain involving blah blah blah...

    Mr Codognotto - Yes, I guess it's possible. I'm not familiar with the incident.

    so the reporter writes in the story: "Mr Codognotto admitted rider inexperience in the wet may have contributed to some of the deaths. "

  9. That is the grossest concept I've ever come across. I can't stomach the smell of my helmet let alone anybody else's :LOL:
  10. Chef, new helmets smell good.
  11. Roads Minister Tim Pallas launched the unique VicRide on-road coaching trial on Wednesday.

    “The VicRide trial is a world first. No other on-road motorcycle safety program has been implemented on such a large scale or evaluated as
    comprehensively,” he said.

    “This on-road trial will include 2,400 newly licensed riders and will show how effective coaching can be in making motorcyclists safer road users.”

    Not "If" it is an effective strategy but "WILL" show how effective it is.
    I wonder how theyre going to spin the questions to get the answers they want..
  12. The story Police eye bikers is from the Berwick news my local paper . every week this excuse for a news paper runs a story on behalf of Casey police
    which is anticar/bike driver/rider the so called journalist at this rag spend week after week on there knees kissing the arse of Casey police . in the absence of real news or journalistic integrity .

    every week its the same old thing 'operation black flag 'operation care operation safe roads ' the list goes on .No mention of cost or waste of resources . the only use I can find for that propaganda paper is for the cat to piss on ''

    end of rant ''