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Is this safe? (safe enough)

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by bambam_101, Mar 20, 2008.

  1. Im planning on going for a ride with a mate tomorrow. Just a cruise. May find some twisties but in general, just a leisurely ride. Problem is, ive got my bike booked in next week to get new tires but noticed that my rear tyre has started to deteriorate.

    The outer edges are fine, but the centre is starting to split or peel. Not the whole way round the tire. Just in 2 places. See pic:


    I noticed this on Tuesday and have ridden since then. Bike feels fine. Opinions please?? Safe or not safe? I really really wanna go riding tomorrow!! Would probably be a 150km trip i would imagine.
  2. No idea, but if you do go riding.. probably best to counter lean alot :wink:
  3. Not safe. You may get away with it or your tire may shred at 80km/h leaving you at best, badly injured.
  4. Mate .. I wouldn't risk it
  5. 95% chance you would make it there and back if you were really really gentle. Personally I wouldn't bother and go get a new set now. Wouldn't hurt to keep an eye on the pressure throughout the ride.
  6. Mate I wouldn't risk it, tyres are the one thing I won't skimp on or put off.

    Nice bike BTW, couple of q's (sorry if they're off topic)

    Is that the stock Qualifier? How many K's have you done on it? Are you replacing with something different or staying with the Qualifiers?
  7. Yeah Luke, shes a stocker.

    Squeezed about 13000km out of her. Although, it should have been replaced about 2-3000 kms ago.

    Definately getting rid of em. Getting Michelin Pilot Roads i think. Dunno, just told my mate at Kawa to get me a good tire. The stock rubber is crap.
  8. Whoa, 13000! I'm coming up on 5000 and i'm pretty close to the markers, I will get a professional opinion, but i'm sure they will be trying to sell me a new set.

    Yeah I have heard the Michies are the shit, still dunno which way to go though.

    I haven't heard anything bad about the stockies as yet, and they feel ok to me (but i'm a slow arse), actually i've only heard good things?
  9. Weird. Most of the reports ive heard about them are bad. Each to their own i guess. Ive never felt confident with them and have had them slip out a few times. AS i said, they should have been replaced a long time ago. If it rains in between now and when they get replaced, ill be catching a taxi, thats for damn sure! Last time i rode in the wet with these was bloody scary!
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  11. You only kilometers away from being on steel there.
  12. I promise i wont ride in a straight line!!! PROMISE!!!! Corners only!!! The edges are fine! :(

    Nah, think ill give the ride a miss......thanks for the feedback guys.

    Just to throw a spanner in the works, its just started to lightly rain here. 1.5 hrs till home time! :shock:
  13. Of course it's safe. Tyres only become dangerous when the air starts to show through.

    However, air, being transparent, is hard to see. I would recommend inflating your tyres with chlorine gas (greenish yellow) or nitrogen dioxide (orange) in order to receive adequate warning that they are worn out. :wink:
  14. The tyre is worn through the tread into the carcass. I've seen steel showing through on another but personnally I wouldn't like to ride on it.
  15. Wouldn't he then need a mudguard cam and handlebar screen to monitor, though?