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Is this possible?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by wang chung, Apr 9, 2005.

  1. Lets say your going to work, you know where there is red light / speed cameras. The light turns orange, instead of just stopping you pop a wheelie so the camera cant get you.. your license plate faces the ground. Fool proof system? :wink:

  2. I've seen a speed camera photo on the net going back a few years now. The rider threw hes leg out the back and around the numberplate as he passed the camera. photo was of the bike and the numberplate was obscured by the riders foot.

    or, you could just stop? fool proof too :p
  3. good stuff if u can get away with it

    try it and see

    tell us what happens
  4. I need more power to pop a mono, so i cant try it :roll:
  5. yuh zzr not goin too well m8

    should be able to get up might need new sparkeys
  6. It'll get up, sure - but at speed, like in this example? I reckon you're dreaming! ;)
  7. except for the 2 idiots who took off early drag raceing that you cant aviod because your on one wheel
  8. I saw a CBR1000 parked in the city the other day, and noticed that its place was mounted horizontally.

    I didn't have time to check whether the plate had been set up to pivot from its top edge, but it was definitely mounted in an interesting manner.

    Not the bike to wheelie through a red-light intersection on though!
  9. ...if you're running the orange, why bother - the camera ain't gonna snap a pic of you.

    ...if you're running the red, you're an idiot.

    ...if you're running the red on your back wheel to avoid the camera..... :roll:
  10. ...if you're running the orange, why bother - the camera ain't gonna snap a pic of you.

    the $150 fine on my fridge disagrees with that comment. i saw the light turn red out of the corner of my eye, when i had already crossed 90% of the intersection.
  11. Has long as your 100% positve you werent speeding , friend of mine got done like that
    he turned up to view the pics copper said ok , running red light or speeding
    some red light photo's have markers on them so they can work out your speed , even without speed cameras.
  12. So, as Marty said - if you disagree go check the photo ;)