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"Is this police officer for real?"

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by Mr Flibble, May 24, 2012.

  1. It's old, and it has nothing to do with motorcycling, but I found it amusing...


  2. Hmmm. I seem to recall that it is (or at least was) an offence to travel more than 15Km/h under the limit?
    I'll see if I can verify that, but I won't try very hard...

    ETA: I can only find anecdotal evidence on such trustworthy platforms as Yahoo Answers and Whirlpool, but it seems that if such a minimum limit does exist, it only applieson freeways and the like.
    You can get done for obstructing traffic however, if plod thinks you're driving slow enough to do so...
  3. The cop says that the will fine slow vehicles that fail to pull over to allow other traffic past, and then a bunch of caravan-towing drivers get angry, misrepresenting the officer by claiming that he was threatening to fine them for driving too slowly on damaged roads.

    Anyone who has ever ridden the Great Ocean Road knows that drivers (not specifically those with caravans) are generally notorious for failing to allow faster vehicles through. There is sign after sign telling slow vehicles to pull over at the slow vehicle turnouts, but they still sail on by at 40kph despite the twenty vehicles banked up behind them. You’ll be lucky if a single vehicle stops to let faster vehicles past. It’s ridiculous.

    So bravo to the police officer.
  4. I agree with you to a point. It shits me when slow drivers don't pull over when possible. And nothing shits me more than slow drivers that speed up when the road straightens up so you can see to overtake or when there's an overtaking lane.

    But I think this case is a bit different?

    Here's another one...


  5. I can't see that being the case. 15 under on a freeway isn't uncommon for a surprising amount of traffic, not to mention that learners re allowed on freeways.
  6. You make too much sense - perhaps it was an old reg, or even a false memory...
  7. I noticed a truck the other day with a sign on the back stating it was speed limited to 95kph. Be a pain if you got stuck behind one on the one of many 110kph sections of the bruce highway.
  8. New Zealand has this in its road code:

    Is this what you were thinking of?
  9. A motorcyclist reading caravanningnews? I think that's the real story here... 8-[
  10. I was searching for info on the Bruce Hwy... I do not now nor never will own a caravan for traveling purposes.
  11. :D good to know. I'm on the fence with this one. If the surface was that badly damaged that it was unsafe for any traffic to travel at the limit then I see their point. If they are holding up traffic that could otherwise safely pass then death to Mr caravan!
  12. I'd say it goes down with driving without shoes, and driving with an open alcoholic beverage in the car. Full of shite but everyone believes it anyway.
  13. Speed dangerous was a very real offense in NSW. I'm not sure if it carried over into the ARR.

    It could be applied in two cases. Firstly for people driving below the limit, but still too fast for circumstances (e.g. doing 40km/h on a street with a crowd on it).

    The other circumstance it could be used was when someone was driving much slower than the traffic surrounding them.

    I can't imagine it was used very often, and it would be 50:50 in court.

    I agree with the cop in the article.
  14. I can't see what the condition of the roads has to do with it, unless they are trying to argue that the roads are so damaged that pulling over is unsafe.
  15. I think it's the "not pulling over" bit that the copper was talking about enforcing. An interpretation that appears to have been conveniently ignored by the folk most likely to...erm....not pull over.

    Good on him, I reckon.

    As for minimum speeds, WA has a defined minimum speed on the freeway but not on any other roads in the state. Dunno if the other states are the same.
  16. Still is a real offence.

    Now under Section 42 of the Road Transport (Safet and Traffic Management Act).

    Can be covered under driving at a speed dangerous to the public, or in a manner dangerous to the public.

  17. Not a false memory. I distinctly remember my brother complaining (in the early 80's) after a trip from Sydney to Benalla that a NSW copper had pulled him over and warned him about "going to slow and holding up traffic". Quite ironic for him, given that on a previous trip between Sydney and Benalla he'd been pulled over 5 times for speeding.
  18. Its frustrating when people are sitting in the right lane on a 2 lane road doing below the speed limit and refuse to move over..and if the left lanes full you can't undertake (unless you split) its even worse on a single lane road.. because they're oblivious or aren't fussed, about the person behind having to cross onto the wrong side of the road to overtake.

    obviously do it when its safe.. unless you like near misses.
    We say ride your own ride or drive your own drive.. but honestly... some people just don't think of the other people on the road and are only focused on what they're doing.. oblivious to the rest of us.
  19. That's why these days I say "Ride your own ride, but don't screw up someone elses ride in the process".
  20. People have no idea everywhere. Just got home from shopping at woolies. The amount of people who stand in the middle of the isle with a trolley blocking all directions of travel staring at the Barilla pasta deciding if they want to make penne bolognaise or spiralli bolognaise does my head in. The thought of "maybe I should park my trolley to the side while I make this important decision" never occurs to them.