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Is this pipe Illegal?

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' at netrider.net.au started by Brayden#87, Dec 14, 2006.

  1. #1 Brayden#87, Dec 14, 2006
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    I was looking at a pipe for our R6 and this looks really good, increases 4hp with just the slip on. its a 2006 YAMAHA R6 LASER 'GP STYLE' SLIP ON.

    Will it be illegal because of the sound????


    For the Dual Laser Slip on:
    $528 USD
    $70 USD Shipping
    $600 USD total
    = $763 AU


  2. Yes. But do you care?
  3. I don't but dad does because he rides it on the road.
  4. Ah, your dad is xxsteve?

    I don't think he'd mind that pipe.
  5. Is that going to be my Xmas present. :cool:
    Noise is a good thing, that way them cages can hear you, however, I don't mind the sound of the stock pipe when it hits 8,000rpm.
  6. Does this thing have a muffler under the belly pan?
  7. I have a bumper sticker - Loud Pipes Save Lives

    i like that pipe mate, sounds awesome
  8. I used to think that was shite, but since getting the Akra's on the T the other day, might have to change that opinion. People MOVE!!! And they sound horn too!

    Those pipes on the 6 look nice though.
  9. Very two-stroke-esque look to them; which is horn!
    Given the stock muffler is located after the EXUP valve in the collector box under the bike, i'd say theres no muffler on that setup which might get you in a bit of poo with both the cops and potentially the EPA. It'd definitely sound like a rocket when its on song though!
  10. I'm sure just the look of it will attract attention of the law.
  11. Other options available to ya with sound clips

    Racefit - GP inspired slip-on exhaust.

    Development so far:
    5% fuel increase on top end is advisable on the GSXR600/750 K6 models when running the exhaust.
    This can be done at any reputable bike dealer using a Yoshi box. If you have any concerns regarding
    the fueling, have your bike checked at an aproved Dyno centre.

    The can has a unique sound. It is not road legal!

  12. Nice sound!