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Is this one of your bridges Joel ?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Mickyb V9, Mar 25, 2008.

  1. aV29de4r.


    The Blackbird boys shared this video with me.
    You sure its to road building standards ?? ;)
  2. thats the one i warned 'em about!
    i parked a corolla in to that one at pace one day :oops:
    i sealed either side, but the bridge belongs to BVSC :grin:
  3. I notice Micky waited till he was out of the country before he asked that question :LOL: :LOL:.
  4. yes, he's awful cheeky from afar! :LOL:
  5. Can't tell much from that pic. Is it a small bridge with a 90 degree turn straight after?
  6. yep, a tricky one.
  7. I've seen worse - like this one
    Extremely narrow divided lanes, timber road surface and a 90 degree bend at each end - with steep declines/inclines :shock:.
  8. that would suck!
    problem with wapengo is you can get a good ton going in the lead up to the bridge, and then the only warning about the right hander is that one sign at the start of the bridge deck. even worse coming back the other way, the sign gets ploughed over quite often.
  9. i remember that bridge :grin:

    that whole road actually :grin: :grin: :grin:

    why didnt i get a warning? :mad: :p
    that road u mentioned, freshly layed, cuts through the hills there, theres some awesome bits along there. in the forest, going over the hills.

    u got the very first run on it, on the bike, eh? :twisted:

    have to get back up that way sometime :)
  10. Jesus that looks hairy.

    Wouldn't want to go into that one hot.
  11. At least there is a decent run-off until you hit the tree line ! :LOL:
  12. Nasty bridges.

    There are three or four (I don't have my satnav maps handy at work) of those "approach narrow bridge at 100kph, then 90 degrees immediate right" bridges on one of the twisty roads I used to get to Wollongong from Melbourne; about 30 minutes south of Mogo at a guess.

    I think for holy-crap-scary bridges, the one we encountered on the overnight 2007 BMW Icicle Ride was the worst. They warned us of "the bridge" and its "poor condition" before we set off.


    I don't think any of us were anticipating the condition of that bridge. Or how quickly we'd be upon it.
  13. Ahh, good memories...except perhaps for Donna, but I'm sure she's over it now. :)

    Butz. :beer:
  14. Ah. the Wapengo bridge. It wasn't that long ago that it was dirt on both sides of that thing... even more fun.
  15. Damn, I went through that one the weekend before Easter - near Redesdale, right?
  16. Yep, between Redesdale and Mia Mia. Heritage listed too so they can't improve it, only thing they could do is build another bridge and move the road (not likely to happen).
  17. That looks familliar :LOL:

    It certainly did not creep up on me but I was 4th in line at that stage and I knew it was coming. Thanks for the heads up Joel..

  18. i am the man that replaced the dirt with seal :grin:
  19. How many seals did it take? Baby or full grown?
  20. There's a spare seal around Hastings that they are looking to relocate if you need another one :LOL: