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Is this normal

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by OzzyDevil, Apr 27, 2012.

  1. When i leave my Ex's place after seeing the kids i tend to go on 1 hour trips.. Last night was down to willy beach right around the back beach then down to Altona beach then down to Laverton and i take the long way home...

    Tonight i did the same thing went to Brooklyn then to sunshine then Altona north and the long way home... I no not many cars on the road but it's just fun...

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  2. Why go the same way home all the time? If you mix it up a bit, the commute is less boring. Instead of taking the Monash home to the west from Clayton, I sometimes go down North Rd to get to Beach Rd, ride along it until I get to the Westgate and head home...or take the Monash Fwy, get off at Williamstown Rd, do the route you take and get back on the freeway at Kororoit Creek Rd. If I really feel adventurers, I go on the Burwood Hwy, ride it into the city, then take Ballarat Rd home.

    Shame it gets dark early and more rain now, so I just head straight home...like a panzy.

    Most of the time, I take the the freeways straight home...there are plenty idiots to keep me entertained on the way home :).
  3. I only live 5 mins down the road from her place so it wouldn't take me long.. I just warm the bike and go for an hour ride but this is my second night doing it... And to be honest i'm loving it and it beats sitting in my room doing Fuk all...
  4. Makes perfect sense Ozzy - just doing something you're enjoying.
  5. Perfectly normal. I sometimes take the 'short cut' home as well. :)
  6. It's a sign of insanity. Welcome to the club.
  7. Not normal......just correct.

    Nothing "normal" about what we do......sounds like your gunna be one of us sooner than you know
  8. Sounds normal to me. Also normal is making up excuses to go for a ride.

    "Are you sure we're not out of bread? I know a nice country town bakery."
    "I think I might go visit *insert name of friend/relative who lives a nice ride away*"
  9. Perfectly normal. I rode for two hours today, because I wanted a coffee.
  10. I fitted a new speedo cable last weekend, so had to go for a 1hr ride to test it was working.
  11. Bikes been sitting overnight ? Going to need a good two hours to recharge the battery
  12. I need to stock up on coffee beans for the house...

    http://g.co/maps/3jt92 :D

    Riding is awesome, of course you make excuses to go out!
  13. Cage = quickest route home 'I'll be home in ten mins'

    Bike = longest possible route home 'I'll see you later'
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    Hehehe yeah I know that feeling.. Left the ex wife's place at 8pm back to my place by 10pm :)

    Mind u it only takes 5mins for her place too
  15. I thought I knew my area well until I got a bike, now I take as many roads as I can just to see where they go :)
  16. Yep you start out exploring suburbia then you start getting more adventurous and hunt for rural roads. You then start looking for ones with more corners then it snowballs from there
  17. I bought a new bike and had to use a tank and a half of petrol to see if................

    Who am I trying to kid, I just rode because I love it
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    Ohh yeah I know that feeling always after work I like to go the long way home :) 5mins from home but yet I get home an hour later :)
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  19. ...I betcha a lot more relaxed and happier!

    A pity, can't say the same for reaching home an hour later in a car.
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  20. Perfectly normal ... I work only 15mins from home (quickest route) least time taken if im not in a hurry so far has been 45 mins up to 3 hours. Same as the morning sometimes :)