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Is This Normal?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by ametha elf, Oct 8, 2009.

  1. Since I began to ride my own bike last year, I have become absolutely utterly obsessed with bikes. I spend forever washing and polishing mine (whilst the car never gets that amount of attention), I check out each and every bike on the road, devour every bike mag I can get hold of, spend ages browsing on the internet looking at accessories to get....(now that has become expensive)......I wasnt like this when I was a pillion rider for years, but from the first moment I rode my own, I have become totally addicted and like an obsessive teenager again (but a few years older than that). Is this normal??

  2. yep totally normal, soon will kick in the omg why am i wasting time cleaning it when i can be out riding phase
  3. horribly,horribly normal
  4. Apart from the incessant cleaning, yes, very normal.

    Oh, wait, it's a cruiser, yeah, totally normal. :)
  5. You are a freak.
  6. Yep.

    I lost alot of love for my car after getting a bike.

    Except I don't clean my bike, it's fairings are stuffed anyway.
  7. ...very normal! :grin:

    and BTW.....you probably won't miss riding pillion either!! :wink:
  8. Just you wait till you do a day at a track (on a sportsbike)
    Then and only then can you take this 'obsession' to the next level!!
    Best fun with your pants on, and also opens up even more 'must have' bling!


  9. Oh absolutely normal. That is - exactly the same as me - so it must be normal!

    Before: I read Vogue, watched Sex and the City, shopped for pretty clothes and talked about kids (and pretty clothes) with my girlfriends.

    Now: I read all and any motorcyle magazines and watch Moto GP, World Superbike, Fuel TV (including bikes with no engines), I own 5 bike jackets, 3 pairs of pants and several different types of gloves, and bore my girlfriends stupid with tales of how wonderful life is as a bike rider. I cannot understand why they are not rushing out to buy bikes for themselves - what is wrong with them?

    I even sign off my emails Vrrrooooom (to a selected few of course).

    Now is that sad or what?????

  10. Seems pretty normal to me. I got a bike as a commuter option, and was pretty sure that I'd only need a little putt-putt to get me around the inner-urban jungle.

    Now I can't wait for the ship with my Street Triple R to arrive, and I have been reading bike magazines and watching bike reviews on YouTube... How did this happen?

    Not that I'm complaining. :)
  11. Your not obsessed until you are trying to identify a bike from the sound (And what brand of After Market pipe it has)
  12. lol, seems entirely normal. Im still saving up to get my first bike, but just from riding a few times on a mates bike I have been completely addicted to the whole world of motorcycles. Even with uni assignments due, all i seem to be doing is looking up bike videos or reading all the magazines i can get my hands on and dreaming about the day I get my own bike. Not long now (hopefully) :)
  13. How exciting - it's official - I'M OBSESSED!!!!!!!!! :biker: (hey, there's no girl one of these - and why isn't he wearing a helmet?)

  14. try this


    Got her from here
  15. LOL, yea that brings me back when i first started. :D

    1. Reading lots of local and UK/US bike magazines (check)
    2. Joining the bike forums (check)
    3. Stripping/cleaning the bike just for the enjoyment (check)
    4. Pissing off gf cause I choose to ride the bike before I spend time with her (check)
    5. Doing endless modifications and accessories (check)
    6. Going to sleep thinking about bikes (check)
    7. Downloading bike stunting videos off the net (check)
    8. Boring all my non-riding friends with my stories (check)
    Good news is, like any affair, you tend to get over it and settle more into a comfortable relationship with bikes, rather than an unhealthy obession. (y)

    But god, the obsession is good while it lasted. :LOL:
  16. Its good to see that Im not alone =PP
  17. I saw a sticker on the back of someone's car on my ride home tonight, it said "Kawasaki Disease, no it's not an obsession with motorbikes", it was actually a sticker for a real Disease called Kawasaki but I thought, what a great advertisement for the green machines.
  18. Wow... Sounds unpleasant. Good thing I don't get any of these from riding my bike.

    Go on you anti-Kwaka mob. Hook in. you know you want to.
  19. Drop the bike or get a teensy ding in it, that will take care of the "It's New!" over-polishing problem (and make the bike go faster), and as for the rest, welcome to the fold. Except the bike mags... Boris does that to ya... :tantrum:
  20. You're a SICK puppy .. plain and simple
    Seek professional help!