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Is this normal for Honda.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by romeo357, Feb 19, 2009.

  1. Hi all.

    I ordered, a CB400 ABS to use as a daily ride on the 4th of December last year and it looks like its going to arrive in late march and I probably won't see it till the end of march or quite possibly April.

    Just out of interest is this normal for Honda?

    Oh and yea.. The price went up as well, but the dealer has been really good about it however the story gets better .. I traded my existing ride because the first delivery date I had was mid January and I figured it wouldn't be a problem for a month or so.

    All in all somewhat vexing..

    Cheers Megan :cry:
  2. Ring Honda head office they are very helpfull
  3. I wouldn't consider that normal especially if they changed the delivery date and for the sort of bike it is, although ive been told there can be up to a 10 month wait for an 800GS :shock:
    Dont you give a depostit first though?
  4. Yea..

    Its all done and signed, traded old and deposit payed etc, all I need to do is make the final payment at delivery + topbox, crash knobs & disk lock and its mine to ride away, although I will probably get it transported out to where I live.

  5. You've already paid a deposit on an agreed price. Why is it going up?

    Isn't there some sort of consumer agreement for that?
  6. I know nothing about those things, but changing the price doesn't sound right. Shit if you traded that bike in...
  7. how has the dealer been realy good ??? they take your money . trade in bike . put the price up . change the dates for delivery. looks like your just another victim .sorry :cry:
  8. Honda apparently.. The 09 price rise, appears to effect bikes landed not ordered.

    Yes, but in my case the contract for sale, clause 5 from memory, allows the dealer to raise the price..

    As a side issue with regard to the price rise, the dealer has been very good about it, I have agreed to pay a little bit more and they have agreed to _not charge me_ a lot more than I have agreed to pay.

    Which is cool and I appreciate that.

    But otherwise, without that clause within the contract, they would be in breach of it.

    Cheers Megan
  9. I've never bought a new bike so my question is genuine and not critical: is it normal that the contract will include that option for the dealer to raise the price? How ever valid they might claim it is (ie Honda are charging us more for the bike) I wouldn't be happy locking myself into a contract where the seller can decide to charge more - I agree on a price, we sign and exchange at that price!
  10. Given the type of motorbike and the apparent strong demand for motorbikes, as evidenced by news postings to this forum discussing motorbike sales, the ability of the individual customer to negotiate such a clause out of a contract for sale would be significantly muted.

    Supply and demand, and I am on the demand side..

    Cheers Megan
  11. Name and same - oh, and ask consumer affairs if there is any law against it - AFAIK, In some aspects, contracts are invalid if it violates law.
  12. You moving on from the Fuoco already?

    I understand your dilemma. The risk is that if you then cancel and go somewhere else, that you won't get the bike any quicker and that the trade in on yours goes down.

    I also don't think the dealer has done you any favours and I'd be wary of any agreement that allowed one party to change the conditions unilaterally (however good the reason). You could argue, that given the delays, if they had supplied the product in a timely manner, that neither party would be subject to any price rise.

    As for market forces, any dealer who tries to extract that sort of argument in this current economic market might be ok now, but customers have LONG memories. I walked out of a dealer when they changed the terms in front of me after spending some weeks finalising the sale. I then went to another dealer (Jeffries in FTG) where I then purchased another 5 bikes over several years (times were good!).

    I'm all for relationship sales and sometimes happy to pay more than the absolute minimum for goods, but I will not be taken for a chump.
  13. Honda Australia have no say over when these bikes get delivered.. the factory in Japan does..

    the CB400 has indeed increased in price unfortunately, and on the rear of every contract of sale signed by every purchaser of every car or bike in Australia, it quite clearly states that the dealer can increase the price of the bike if the increase is qualified.. and increased cost from factory falls within this .. i.e. the dealer can raise the price..

    but it sounds like your dealer has absorbed some of the increase.. which has been $1000, so he is losing out on profit due to this.. the margins have not increased.. just the wholesale and subsequent retail price

    as for taking so long to get the bike.. unfortunately.. yes, this is the case with the CB400's.. they are a very popular bike wherever they are sold and the factories just can not keep up supply to meet demand.. my understanding is that they do runs of different bikes.. and sometimes certain models are just not made for a period of time..

    it is the first time for a long time for Honda that supply on the ground has been so thin..

    as an aside, I would not have traded the bike in until your new one arrived..

    there are still yellow CB400's floating around.. but you mentioned you wanted the ABS bike...

    they're not far off now..
  14. Good update WB.

    Customers DO have long memories and just about every customer of a new bike can list a horror story or two.

    I found a dealer in Jeffries that I was extremely happy with and gave them a lot of business as a result. But I also like instant gratification and am inherently distrustful of some businesses, so if I can't have it NOW!!!! I won't have it.

    Good choice on the bike though, I've heard nothing but good things about them.
  15. Depending on what colour you are after, you could always cancel the contract, travel up to Bendigo and buy the CB400 off the floor they've had sitting there for 4 months....

    not sure what they'd offer you as a trade in though :)
  16. It isn't uncommon for pre-orders of goods to be adjusted in price because of fluctuations in exchange rates actually.

    I've come across this before... although I agree it sucks when it costs extra $. :(
  17. This, and the whole lemon law business... I thought one day I'd treat myself to a new bike (frankly I'm a used kind of guy - I doubt people have more fun than me just because they've spent $12K whereas I spent $3K) but all this stuff is turning me off; would rather chance it with inspecting the bike and trying to read the private seller, spending much less and getting it straight away.
  18. Two lessons to be learned from this when entering a contract for purchasing a bike....

    Never enter a contract that allows the seller to increase the price. Simply cross the clause off and if they don't like it you can walk away. I've never bought brand spankin so I don't know if it's common but I wouldn't touch a contract like that with a 10 foot pole.

    Second (and this is crucial)... The trade in is only delivered to the dealer at the same time as the dealer delivers the new bike to you. The trade in is not part of the deposit. It forms part of the final payment on delivery and you are entitled to ride until then, but must deliver it in the same condition as when the dealer assessed it. :)
  19. Nothing. If you had read the OP you would have read that the existing bike has been traded.

    Look at your dilema this way, however. There are people who waited nearly a year to get a Triumph Daytona.

    With reference to price rises, virtually every person I buy stuff from has been warning me for months of impending price rises round about Feb/March.
  20. this clause is on every VACC issued "Contract of Sale" contract.. not just some dodgy dealer..

    go to your local dealer and have a read BEFORE commenting on something that you have not read :wink: