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Is this normal for a spada??

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Sweeris, Sep 24, 2007.

  1. The other day I had a chance to try out a spada to compare how it felt against my bike(cbr250rr). I wasnt really trying it out but I just had to go get something to eat as my bike broke down.

    I wasnt expecting it to stand up to my bike. I kinda knew I'll have less power. Other than performace wise I had something which I found in the bike that I didnt get with other bikes that I rode. I have ridden cb250,cbf250,cbr250 and vt250. I found that for the vt I had to give it more input during a turn when compared to my cbr. I noted that the front has the tendency to steer in to the turn and run wide. I didnt notice this with other bikes that I rode. With my bike I know that when I lean in to a turn it needed a very small input to keep the lean.

    Could it be that I just wasnt used to the bike? Or is it just a character of the bike?
  2. don't biatch about my bike man

    i'm gonna have to go give it a hug now
    i still love her :(
  3. Could be tyre pressure, tyre wear/shape/brand, suspension condition.

    My money is on worn tyres or low pressure.
  4. You can't really ride another bike round the corner to Burger King and then say it felt different to your's; of course it did, what did you expect???
  5. My money is on poor tyre pressures as well.
    the vtr is a sweet steering bike, actually can turn in better than the cbr250.
  6. My moneys on him not knowing the bike, so he simply didn't corner with the same confidence he would normally. Even on your own bike if you think about whatever you are doing too much you can totally bork a turn.
  7. i rode this bike and thought it felt alright (remembering the owner is someone lighter then me) so the soft suspension would probably be about right for rider i thought (i do like quite a soft suspension setup, but maybe it to soft for them as well could also be slightly worn suspension but hey it is a 20yr old bike, so yeah if you are similar weight to hippo, might be worth just checking tyre pressures and suspension settings (if it has any). and try to stiff it up alittle

    cheer stewy
  8. Well it was the tyre pressure.. It was down to 21 :shock:

    But other than that was all fine...

    Just a follow up.. When I was on other bikes (cb250,cbf250) I felt really ok with how it handled. I didnt need to adjust much for them. For the vt at the time I felt it was alot different than the bikes I'd ridden. But Im not saying they're all the same tho...
  9. At psi of 21 that's all you have to say.
    it would steer like the titanic.
    you're lucky you didn't lowside.
  10. can i use that as my excuse then? :)
  11. Certainly :grin:
  12. The naked 250's tend to be low down bikes. Very good at take off and turning (rake angle and clearance). While the 4 pot screamers are designed for most up top.

    Have used the VTR 250 extensively when having my others worked on and its great for manouvering around town. But lets you down above 80 kph.

    The CBR is pretty sh*t in the city, while at 100 kph it starts pulling.

    Different bikes for different uses!
  13. Spada, what a great little bike. It's definitely different than others 250 I reckon, it's much better!