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Is this normal? Dainese SF Pelle leather pants

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by dastrix, May 14, 2009.

  1. So, I went into the store to try a pair on and found that 52 was the perfect length and waist, not too tight, not too lose with a bit of movement. Length was good, not too long to about my ankles.

    Anyway, then i found a pair on ebay so i snapped em up. Bargain

    They fit great, however is it normal for the knee area to be incredibly uncomfortable and also making foot placement onto my pegs really awkard difficult. its like I cant get down into the flat chat position any more either.. They just feel crap due to the stiffness etc around the knee protectors..

    Is this normal? Are leather pants incredibly uncomfortable like this or are mine too small or something???

  2. I got leathers last week, and when I was trying them on the salesman said I would need to pull the knees up a bit to be comfortable on the bike (even with all the stretchy stuff). He was right. Might be the same for you? (Like pulling up the knees on tight pants before you sit down)
  3. Ill do this.. hmm might put them outside my boots to see if they ride up a bit.. and ill wear em more to run em in!
  4. Ugh, still so uncomfortable. Ipulled them up, but they are rubbing around my knees, backs of my knees... its crap. When in the position, its bad, when im walking/standing its perfectly fine.

    Should I wear a thin later underneath the leathers? at the moment im not.

    Just so incredibly stiff :(
  5. put em on and ride a push bike thata strech em out :LOL:
  6. can you pull the knee protectors out and see if its still a problem? my leathers have stretchy stuff behind the knees so they don't get too tight. if the leathers stiff try some leather conditioner? ebay leather might be a bit old and dry. I use renapur but dainese have their own stuff.
  7. Cant remove them and yes mine have the stretchy stuff behind the leg with kevlar underneath that..

    Ive got some leather conditionior here that i use on my car seats, its a Zaino leather stuff.. Ill try it!
  8. ps I did squats in my leathers when they were new to loosen them up.
  9. Get em soaking wet then ride till they dry out. They will conform to your shape and posture, if this doesn't work get rid of them. No point suffering everytime you ride in them.
  10. Ill just sell..
  11. Leather has a lot of stretch in it and they will become more comfy in time once they "stretch" into your size. Some of the suggestions above for stretching sound good to me!
  12. I wear skins under my leathers. Once you try it, you'll never go back.
  13. Lycra compression garments. But the compression bit isnt that important, any fitted lycra does the trick. I actually use a no-name one piece lycra jumpsuit so it doesnt ride up or down.
  14. Cool, where can I get em? I bet the girls think they are sexy :LOL:
  15. Any sport shop, or a motorcycle leather mob should have cheaper stuff without all the compression mumbo jumbo that supposedly costs a million dollars. K-mart has diadora lycra too at the moment. I picked up a chicks top for $9 :oops: :LOL:

    But yeah stops the rubbing and the friction of the leather, especially once you work up a sweat.

    This is starting to sound very S&M.
  16. I have a new signature :D
  17. big W sell slazenger bioslyx which are a cheapo version of skins. work OK under leathers.