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Is this neck sock worth the $?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Cris, Jun 1, 2015.

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  1. Eeek, is all I can say. Interesting that they are saying they've sold 79 of them.
  2. 79 people seem to think it's worth it!
  3. Not sure if srs...

    You guys do know sellers do this on ebay to either:
    • come up first if someone filters the price "highest to lowest", or;
    • maintain a listing while stock is replenished (I think I remember relisting costs a fee)

    If not srs: LOL dat neckwarmer must be good LOL
  4. Do not use at bank.
  5. Wait, what?o_O
  6. tell him he's dreaming
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  7. I want their customer list.
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  8. I'd normally say "yes a neck sock is worth the money" but not at that price - fcuk
  9. And there I was thinking my Dainese super thin windproof and waterproof neck sock was pricy at $48.
  10. do they come in any different colours other than black
  11. I've heard some say they are worth their weight in gold, so maybe it's true :unsure:
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  12. It's your health guys - what price do you put on your good health?
    Come on, you know it the right thing to do....
  13. And those silk worms work damn hard!!!!!!
  14. At least postage is cheap ;-)
  15. Given the manifest demand and enthusiasm, I'm going to put up an exclusive for Netrider members, at $1,127.

    Come on guys, that's a full $50 off a damned neck warmer. Where else could you find that?
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  16. I'll get the last 2, thanx
  17. It says in the fine print that Scarlett Johansson's neck comes with it.
  18. Just the neck?
  19. Yeah, I'm guessing the rest might be a bit more than a grand.