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Is this man speaking for you?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by incitatus, May 16, 2006.

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    Quote from John Howard's most recent speech in the USA. Is he speaking for you?

    "Australia is one of those countries which is in the forefront of those who urge greater rather than lesser United States involvement in the affairs of the world," Howard said.

    "The involvement of your country in our own region is critical to its stability.

    "And the energy and the intellect that you have brought to the position and the example that you represent in so many ways is a source of enormous admiration in my country and a source for very great respect around the world."
  2. Must be time to put the old **** down. Stupid bugger's gone senile.
  3. I don't think Howard has ever comprehended what the average Australian thinks - or cared. His continual ass-kissing of the US is just pathetic - although if he made anti-american comments he'd probably be arrested under his own anti-terrorism legisalation.
  4. I think he has been in office so long that he has started to forget his own name... he thinks its "Australia" not Howard.

  5. At last look, John Howard was elected, several times, as Prime Minister, with an increased majority each time, and last time with a majority in the Senate as well....

    As such he speaks for the country, as did Paul Keating when he signed off on agreements with the corrupt Indonesian government, without any consultation, not even with his party, etc etc.

    If speaking for your country WASN'T one of the privileges of being Prime Minister, why would you bother getting yourself elected??
  6. And that's a lot more than George Bush was... :?
  7. Yeah JH is a dweeb,
    BUT as an ex service 'person'
    and those that are still serving today know that we are undermaned and under equiped.
    Dont get me wrong what we have, we make bloody good use off, the equipment and manpower we have is by far the best utilized in the world.
    "one shot one kill" type of stuff.

    but we need the US more than they need us

    Im not pro yank... not in any sence of the word, but the reality is
    if the sh*t does hit the fan and one of our neibours decides to want to annex Aust, we need the firepower and manpower that the good old US of A can pour our way within 24hrs notice.

    so as much as our beloved PM is an arse licker to the US, i for one am glad does what he does, for our own nations security.

    my 2 cents worth :p
  8. +1.... John Howard continues to be elected because we do seem to be better off.... Or we could just put the enormous blimp in power!!!

    The man seems like a glorified used car salesman!

    At least John Howard (although looking remarkably like Mr Sheen) is able to represent our country in a professional, courteous manner.... instead of a backward bunch of convicts like the michelan man does.

    Only a knob (Kim) would come out and try and pick shit on a 35 billion $ tax cut.
  9. I'll get the flaming torches and someone else can bring the pitchforks!

    What a :jerk:
  10. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    go seany unleash ur fury RAHHHHHHHH
  11. As my boss just said,
    "Bill Clinton had Monica Lewinski, George Bush has John Howard".

    Cigars anyone ?? :grin: :grin:
  12. Being Prime Minister means he is just about the best bullsh1t artist in the country, thats where most of his votes come from and I just find it hiarious that people still believe that this wanker gives a sh1t about this country and not just his own prestige and back pocket. Hes nothing but a little peacock with a serious case of small mans syndrome and he is not a President so I dont believe he has the right to make statements for the whole country without consultation, after all they love there little committies so their boys can earn the big dollars as consultants.
    Incase anyone is wondering :LOL: I have never voted for the little sh1t and I never will :wink:

  13. Some of us older blokes have very real memories of the last time we supported the US "for our own nations security". I for one do not want my son's to have the such memories unless it is for a much better cause. I just don't see supporting the use of military might for economic gain as such a cause. And please don't start with the 'War on Terror" crap, without the predatory US foreign policy of the past 50 years there would be no such war.
  14. The tax cut is because the Govt can no longer keep a straight face when it says the country can't afford it.

    Hornet, please. I am embarassed enough with the range of general stupidity exhibited by mankind. Don't remind me Aussies are at the wrong end of the scale.

    A viable alternative would be nice, though.
  15. Personally I don't have any great difficulty with the US. As a country they remind me of a poorly disciplined toddler who's not very bright. They usually want to do the right thing and help out but have no idea how and constantly get themselves into trouble by making things worse and then leaving a big mess on the floor.

    To extend the analogy further, if they get told "no" they'll also throw a big tantrum and break things.

    The unfortunate thing is that if Howard was a real friend he'd occasionally tell them what they don't want to know rather than sucking up at every opportunity. The occasional reminder from a friend that they aren't perfect would be a damn good thing.

    However, speaking as someone whose politics are nowhere near Paul's (Hornet - not Keating :LOL: ), Paul is actually correct. As a duly elected Prime Minister JH has the right to make statements like that - even if they are sometimes less than productive. At least we can (hopefully) vote him out if we don't agree. :?
  16. And why is that, Tax cuts may increase the Interest Rates, and they sure has hell don't help out infrastructure/health/child care etc. But they do make great votes buy's for the next election, let the next guys deal with the problems.

    :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  17. were you referring to the grounded seasprite helicopters, or the substandard tiger helicopters?

    i wish the ADF could buy stuff that works :(
  18. Representative democrocy is a wonderful thing, its what we have and if you dont like it you have a few options, move, change it or accept it. I am pretty happy with my lot and choose to accept.

    As long as this country continues to be a place that I am happy for my grandkids to inhabit then I will be happy. :cool:

    In closing he does not speak for me as an individual. :grin:
  19. But inci, even i am old enough to remember what the economic state this country was in last time the ALP were in power.
  20. Isn't short term memory loss a wonderful ting , have a look at the period before Hawk at the Interest rates etc when JH was treasurer.

    Besides, alot of the benefit out economy has now was put in place by hawke, and when the next lot gets in power they'll get the benefit of what the this lot did as well good or bad.

    None of current Govt or opposition have the balls to look to the future only to the next election , welcome our new overlords , professional Politicians