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NSW Is this legal?

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by I AM ED, Sep 9, 2011.

  1. Hey all,

    Haven't been on here in a good few months, but will be visiting a lot more on the future. I have a question that I'm hoping one of you might be able to answer.

    In the near future I would like to build my own bike, as much of it handmade as legally possible - and want to create something very similar to this -


    Would it be possible with Aussie laws and stuff?


  2. As long as you don't do anything to it that makes it legally unroadworthy then yes that's fine.
    If you are talking about building a bike from scratch, you will have to get an approved engineer to inspect it, write out an engineers report, sign off on it as being all good and get what's called an Individually Constructed Vehicle Identification Number. Doing all this is expensive.
    Good luck with it.
  3. Gospel right there thank's for the info :).....Invaluable asset you are ;)
  4. that rear fender isn't legal afaik
    that side number plate isn't legal afaik
  5. Excellent.
    Based on Kernel's advice I shall now commence the removal of my fender in it's entirety, move my numberplate to one side and mount it vertically.
    Since there is no place to mount them now, I shall also toss my rear indicators in the bin.
  6. I said that as long as it does not make it legally unroadworthy. Clearly the bike in the photo has had many things done to it to make it legally unroadworthy. Imo he can make a bike very similar to this but without all the illegal bits - yes this is debatable but this is my opinion.
  7. unfortunately i can see nothing wrong with klunks post
  8. Could do something close. Mud guards need to be extended to go back 45 over the rear wheel.
    Number plate needs to be more visible from either side. Lights of course. Don't really see anything to radical with that bike.

    Edit: Only 2 replies when I started writing and checking the NCOPs, oh well

    Wait, does that mean my vertical back pack number plate mount not comply with the ADR's?
  9. So your actual advice to the OP would go something like this, then?

    "Yes, OP, you can build a bike just like that under Australian Law. But you'll need to put a guard on it, and mount the numberplate horizontally, and centrally on the bike so it can be read from both sides. And put some indicators on (30cm apart, mind...). Oh, and something resembling an actual chain guard. Those pipes look pretty noisy too - probably over 94db. Hmmm, you might also need a left-hand mirror. Yep, apart from all that stuff, yours will look exactly the same... Now, we should probably take a look around the front...".
  10. I'm gunna go with kernel's advice and say it's OK his net penis is bigger than your's look at his post count FFS he's on fire and is still only a teenager....He will be running the country at the end of the year at this rate :LOL:
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  11. something simmilar doesnt meen the same
  12. now i feel dirty
  13. No, not just like that, but similar. Okay, no I wouldn't go as far as to say very similar.
    I'm 20. The satire is wearing rather thin, BTW.
  14. I've found a bike thats kind of similar -


    So adding a longer rear guard, indicators and proper placement of the number plate, muffle the exhaust slightly and get some mirrors...would that be it?

    Money won't be an issue as it's gonna be a side project kind of build - just working on it when I have spare cash and stuff...
  15. There's a thread here somewhere started by someone in the industry, which tells you where to find the relevant information. I'd link it but I seriously can't be arsed...
    Point is, posting pics of radical custom builds and asking if they're legal will get you nowhere - there's more to the business than a fender and the position of your numberplate, so if you REALLY want to do it, you should educate yourself BEFORE you start designing.

    And another thing: maybe I'm old but I doubt either of those have been built to actually ride around on...
  16. get an old bike, and rebuild it,
    why? cause the laws on modding an old bike are alot more lax.
    e.g. engine swaps are based on the laws from when the bike was made, so an bike in the 60's has no legal restriction on replacement motors or noise restriction. makes it less of a hassle to get it all approved. this is how the harley guys get away with such loud pipes

    then the qustion is how much can you build with it bieng the same bike:p
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  17. Google infrastructure ncop, then look for ncop8. It will give a starting point of what you can do.
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