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Is this leather jacket a good buy?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by staticallydynamic, Oct 2, 2011.

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  2. Is that a Shift jacket? It's never going to provide as good protection as you'd get on a high-spec suit, but Shift aren't a bad brand for the price :)

    Perforation won't significantly weaken an item. Manufacturers tend to move perforation away from the impact points anyway. Most of the suits we sell are heavily perforated.
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  3. recently you could have bought it for around a hundred bucks.
    but not so many left now, so finding your size and design you want a bit harder.
    therefore difficult to say what price the item now commands.
    peter stevens probably grabbed a container of them at about 50 bucks a piece.

    if it is the jacket you want, then buy it. because you won't find it again.
    but don't buy it without trying it on. Euro sizing is ****ing weird, as are all Europeans generally. did you know the women don't ever shave their legs or armpits
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  4. I own both perforated and non perforated variants of that jacket. No complaints. Much better than anyything else in the price range. Better try it first, my sleeves were abit short.
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  5. Do you find the perforated jacket lets more water in compared to the non one?
    Is the perforated fine in cold conditions? (Like middle of winter in the twisties for example) Will it still provide warmth?..
    I get cold pretty easily.. but still want to be able to use the jacket on warmer days.
    Or do you think I should just get a non one.

    Also thanks heaps for the replies..
    but just before I go out and buy a leather jacket (I have a textile summery- dririder one..but I'd like leather now)
    is there any other jackets around that price range I should consider?

    I'm also looking for some leather pants aswell.. if I got a package I'd consider around $500 for a 2p suit. Is there any suits out there which would fit that bracket?
    I think suits are more bang for the buck because if you buy the top and bottom separate it works out being a lot more?

    And if I just get a jacket by itself how does this compare to the shift non-perforated one?


    (Shift non-perforated ones):

    http://shop.peterstevens.com.au/SH70126001003/Vendetta-Leather-Jacket/pd.php (i'd like this if it wasn't for the graphic.. aha)

    ALSO, haha sorry for all the links but how does something like this compare:

    I'm a big fan of the classic, plain type jacket as opposed to all the racey-graphic type ones.
  6. dont forget that if you get a 2pc suit you wont really be able to wear the jacket seperatly on its own with jeans etc in most cases. The jackets are cut a lot shorter.
  7. Well there goes that idea :-({|=
  8. I rarely us the perforated one for anything except the stinking hot days. Even the non perforated gets pretty darn cold on an overcast day. As for rain, both are pretty useless.
  9. I have the top half of an RS Taichi 2pc suite, and whilst it is short, I still often wear it with jeans.
  10. the teknic one you linked is made to fit you in an aggressive riding position on a sportsbike. note the precurved arms and cordura stretch panels.
    will be long in the sleeve, short in the waist and reasonably tight fit. not something you should buy without trying on. not something that would be too great on a cruiser.
    depends what you are riding ?
    i believe the shift ones are a more neutral design, but i've never tried one on.
    i'd look for something that has perf in areas not subject to abrasion, as ozmotorcycle leathers pointed out. most leather jackets are like this in various ways. like the insides of the arms. most also have zips to let air flow through them for climate control.
    any leather jacket is letting in water when it rains, period.
    most have a zip out liner for additional warmth. but piss that of and get thermals or a decent woolen jumper.
    something i'd consider, though you may not. is the sewn in pocket for the back protector. will it fit the one i have or can i get one to fit it. because i can't be assed putting on a back protector separately.
  11. leathers don't have the ability to tailor as much to you as textiles, unless you get one tailor made of course.
    dude, don't buy one until you've tried it on, sat down it it, moved around in it. some are far more comfortable to others. some are lightweight. some weigh a tonne. depends what you want. a good one lasts forever. so you want your second skin to be a good and comfortable fit.
    and to a large degree you grow into the things, they mold to you.