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is this leagal? Naked Suzuki Across:P2 Pics Back Together!!!

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by slickncghia, Dec 14, 2007.

  1. G'day guys,

    riding home last night i felt the bike was getting pretty hot so i had a glance at the temperature gauge and it was all the way to cold (resting on the little plastic bit) ... not working.

    So im thinking its the thermostat or temp sensor or whatever. So i start pulling suzi appart to have a looksee....cut along story short i ripped all her clothes off had a poke around (don't think i really did that much to be honest) turned the ignition on and the temp guage was working again....and yes i tested it a few times before ripping her clothes off.

    As time was getting on i used some nuts and rubber i had lying arround to attach the mirrors back on, put the indicators back on and whallah.

    Ive decided to ride her round for a few days without her clothes just in case the temp thing happens again, and cause it takes ages to put it all back together.

    anyway pic below of how she looks....i cant see any reason why it wouldnt be leagal to ride round like this. any comments?

    only thing to note is the silver bit of metal i used to make a headlight bracket on the side visible in the photo is a bit sharp, however i have the perfect bracket made up and just ready to go on this weekend.


    pitty about the coolant bottle eh? ....next bike naked :p

  2. You did check the coolant level didn't you? I think most temp gauges stop working if you run low/out of coolant as they are usually measuring the temperature of the fluid.
  3. yeah i put some in and that may have been the cause/solution....we'll see if it dosent happen again. i kinda just used it as an excuse to rip her appart to be honest with you. i love pulling things appart

    she did have some in her....and now has too much....over the level but ive never heard of having too much coolant being a bad thing in cars so couldnt imagine it in bikes


  4. it's illegallly ugly :LOL:
  5. harsh...but true... Sorry to say ur bike will prolly look better with her clothes back on...

    I also like ripping things apart... Its the "I wonder how this works" thing
  6. lol yeah but people give it a second and third look lol.

    yeah i dont think mr suzuki ever intended for its clothes to be taken off ...pity about the coolant bottle lol.

    its just a bit of fun and itll give me a change to touch up a couple of little underbody scratches and give the bike a really good detail.

    having said that my bike cover mustve been filled with sawedust cause now my bike is :( lol

    just wondering if id get pulled up by the plod is all
  7. Well, you'll draw attention to yourself, which is often the catalyst for those friendly little roadside chats, but as long as you've taken off the sharp bits and kept all the lights and mirrors, I doubt if there's much they could specifically do you for.

    Want to see a really ugly defaired Suzuki, go here


  8. damn

    and ill get rid of the sharp bit this weekend
  9. When you take the fairings off you may be disturbed how clean everything is.


    If you want to keep it naked, polish those pipes and everything shiny :D
  10. im also one of those guys who stars a job with all intentions of finnishing it....next thing youd know id have a half pollished bike...

    i spent ages polishing the rocker cover on my car. then decided i could get more of the imperfections out and went back in with rougher sandpaper then ended up giving up after a while...after roughing it up and getting a fair wack of carpul tunnel
  11. Hey Ben, I saw you zip pass me this afternoon at about 5ish on Springvale road.
    For the love of God, put the fairings back on, or at least get a better looking headlight and polish all the metal.
  12. ha yeah i remember seeing a red gpx sitting there patiently in traffic couldnt tell if it was you or not mate....fairings are going back on soon i prommise.

    although i like the general look and feel of the bike naked....next one is gonna be nakedish or a street fighter i reckon.
  13. hehe always fun to take things apart.

    I remember stripping my GPX. Its just the headlights arent designed for it.

    You could always buy my Bandit! Its naked!
  14. oh my!!! i love streetfighters. but fighters' are supposed to look sorta mean -- unfortunately your one does not-- sorry anyways :LOL: if ya want paint your coolant bootle thingy black-- at least it wont stick out like dogs balls :p

    as for legalities it perfectably fine and legal with out fairings.
  15. Put the poor bike down!
  16. ease up turbo!

    ...i put it back together....here. Suzi at the Sassarfas twisties


    Still think she should be put down???

    Merry Xmas