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Is this jacket suitable or just flashy gimmicky dangerous crap?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by dantheman65, Apr 12, 2012.

  1. Hey guys,

    I'm interested in getting this jacket as my basic commuter protective gear. I want to be able to wear my protective gear day to day as 'casual'-ish gear which is part of the reason I want this one. As far as I can tell it seems decent but I am concerned about the zips etc being tear points.


    Any idea?

  2. won't be nodding if i see you in such gay finery.
    might blow you a kiss though.
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  3. MT's just being mean - I saw a pair of assless chaps that would go beautifully with the jacket :D

    In all seriousness though, I'm always wary of that sort of Ebay stuff. Hopefully someone who's bought one will be of more help.......Cheers.
  4. Looks OK. Whether I expected it to provide much protection would be subject to a thorough inspection once I'd received it.

    Nothing wrong with the old style lancer fronted leather jacket (though I prefer the British/Lewis Leathers style without the epaulettes or belt). It was the staple piece of ATGATT for many serious riders for three decades or more. With armour included I'd be perfectly happy to ride in it (subject to the aforesaid inspection). Shit, I did many tens of thousands of miles and three serious crashes in one that didn't have the armour and I'm still here.

    It's entirely possible to obtain an adequate level of protection without looking like a Power Ranger.
  5. Well I'll have to blow you a kiss right on back in that case.

    Anyone used one of these?
  6. its 1.3 mm thick, Mines 3 mm thick, mines a real one, looks exactly the same as the one on Ebay,

    But mine will slide down the road with me in it, and all I will have is gravel rash, and I will wear this one till I stop riding, and probably a few more Bingles in it as well.

    Mine cost $200-00 retail here in Melbourne, Brand new,

    1.3 mm will tear and you will have gravel rash as well, But you will throw your jacket away after that,
  7. Where did you buy yours? Where in Melbourne is a decent place to buy this kind of thing?
  8. Hopefully I'm not breaking any forum rules... but:

    The sizing is for the US market, so they're bigger than most other that are Asian or Euro. SO if you wear a LG T-shirt a LG jacket should fit. (According to the website they only have LG left... so buy online or phone them for a chance at a bargain.)

    I've bought other stuff from the same manufacturer and it's very good for the price, and better than some that are much dearer.
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  9. I bought mine from Biker Gear at Phillip Island, But they are now in Ferntree Gully as well,

    I also tried on 7 medium sized jackets till I got one that fitted just right,
  10. Check out rhino leather. Out of Sydney if I recall correctly. Had a lowside in it and it held up well
  11. I got myself a leather jacket from Bikers Gear Warehouse (Burwood Highway, Ferntree Gully). Prices are pretty reasonable. The guy that runs the store is Imran.
  12. I know a few people who have bought gear from austsales direct, and they have GREAT things to say. The guy is located in Australia and can be contacted for any questions. I have a pair of the mid season leather gloves, they fit pefectly. I had an accident over a year ago and the gloves did the job. I still have them and wear them nearly every day.
  13. Its being sold by Matt of Finn Moto

    He is a man of integrity and has been an ebay seller for 8 years now - you dont last that long if your product is garbage

    - he also tells you where to see the testing results of the jacket

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  14. I've bought stuff from Matt. He is very honest about his gear - he'll tell you what it will and won't do.

    Decent 1.3mm leather in a jacket is pretty good. Just to put it in perspective - have you got something that good for your legs? They are more likely to be injured in a crash.
  15. I find bikers gear fits me okay size wise but length, I have a long body so I have issues finding jackets that aren't too short :(
  16. I agree that a Brando jacket is a good jacket - I've been wearing the one item for years and I'll stick with them. Mine's an old Ascot that has been used daily all that time and never had any care given to it and the quality has stood it very well. Never tasted bitumen though. I have noticed that the cheaper jackets can look pretty cheap too - the leather is kind of plasticy. It's worth while seeing the thing in person. Black Rose Leathers should still be around - they did the same item as your link for a bit over $100. Mars Leather in the CBD is the best traditional shop. Spot On in the CBD also had a few new-old stock good ones for a nice price a couple of years back.
  17. 1.3mm is thin??

    most race suits by the big brands are between 1mm and 1.4mm or so for cowhide and less for roo.

    assuming the leather is stitched together well (dubious as its from ebay, though finn moto is as takamii said, someone who has been in business for a while) and is of normal quality it should be fine.

    If you want something more legit then ebay, i think mcas sells brando style jackets, i am just making an assumption that they might be better, i have no idea because i wouldnt personally wear that style of jacket so i havent done any research into them.
  18. i have a brando jacket mate... i dont know how it will go if i was to come off but it does keep you warm..
  19. Hey guys, for those interested in the stitching quality of the stuff that Matt from Finn Moto/Aust Sales Direct sells. From the horses mouth...

    "For this particular jacket its double stitched (1 hidden 1 outside stitch)
    Thread is bonded nylon 3ply thread which has a high burst and abrasion strength + doesn’t rot or weaken as much as cotton/polyester from weather/sun etc.

    If you after high end gear eg race track /drag suit quality I can do 2 outside 3 or 4 inside stitch (5 to 6 stitch per major seam then 1 outside 2 inside for everything else).
    I only do this for my custom made race gear though.

    The ideal amount is 1 or 2 outside & 2 inside for main seams. This needs to be specially ordered.
    matt "
  20. Wow 10XL

    Might fit me :)

    Now off to see if there is a non gay version