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Is this how netriders ride to work?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by whoguy, Apr 2, 2012.

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  1. Jesus fuck, will someone please sticky this video and advertise it in a banner, so we don't have to talk about it again?
    Dude has balls of steel and skill positively gushing out of him, OK?

  2. If you have the testicles too ride a Yamaha yes it is :)

    Moscow is where its filmed If I recall correctly
  3. Sooo want to say this guy is playing with death and will die soon.

  4. Thread delete please

  5. French toast
  6. And now here's what happens....

    The bloke makes a vid posts it on the internet.
    Motorcyclists look at it and go WOW.
    The government also looks at it.
    The government then bans lane splitting.
    Motorcyclists go AWWWWW.
    Motorcylists then wonder why.

    The moral.......it's idiots like this that make motorcyling harder.
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    Oh, man, this makes my ride the other day look gay!


    To be fair, I wasn't going to split-it-up at 1:38! Oh, and I feel like living! That Ruski is insane but that's good, it give us things to watch on the internet and say 'wow, that's cool!'
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  8. Isn't this the Bloke who had an Anurism or something, that could basically make him drop dead, at ANY moment?

    If it IS: the guy done this for a couple Years, and then dropped dead while having a few Drinks ata local Night Club.

    Much like the Lukemia Train Surfer, I figure they just wanted to feel ALIVE, while they still could!
  9. Wrong section benn posted before wrong message awesome but stupid riding
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