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Is This Guy Nuts?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Lukerutten, Nov 10, 2012.

  1. Sold my cb last night. On picking up the gentleman from the station ha had a quick look at the bike and went to go for a test ride stating, i haven't ridden for 8 years. So he stalled 4 times in the driveway and took off.

    He came back and paid me for it. He then headed off from hallam to ride back to point cook.

    Is this guy nuts? I sure as hell wouldn't ride that far being as rusty as he was, especially negotiating the monash fwy. He was a squid as I gave him my old helmet to wear as he didn't have one. Other than that he was in street clothes.

    I couldn't believe it......

    What do you guys think?
  2. Guy is a legend, did you get his autograph?
  3. Congrats on selling your bike...?

    I couldn't care less if they turned up in a Borat mankini with 5 inch stilettos - as long as they gave me the cash :D
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  4. Got his license for fine purposes :)
  5. He was Irish to
  6. if i let someone test ride my bike after not riding for 8 years i would probably be asking myself that question ;)
  7. Insured mate. Plus I didn't give 2 shirts about the cb
  8. Coming from an Irish family myself - that explains everything...
  9. Sounds pretty normal to me. Time was when that was the standard way to buy your first bike.
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  10. It was pretty much how I bought my first bike, just a few months ago. In fact, my case was probably worse because I dropped it on the test ride, snapped off the left mirror, and rode it 25km across the suburbs of Melbourne without really being able to see what was behind me.

    I'd also say that freeway riding is less mentally taxing than riding through urban areas. Sure, you're going fast, but everyone else is going in the same direction and roughly the same speed as you and the only potential points of conflict are merging and changing lanes.
  11. meh who cares... he paid for the bike. he can set it on fire if he wants to.
  12. Yeah, I know where you're coming from, but given that he paid you and left he's not your problem, so go spend the money!!!!!!
  13. You sold your bike to an idiot.
    Big deal,it happens everyday.
  14. I wouldn't sell a bike to a guy in a Borat mankini and 5 inch stilettos. Maybe I'm just unreasonable.
  15. thinly disguised squid thread
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  16. I think he went home via the freeway for the nodding opportunities.
  17. You've got to wonder what he was riding 8 years ago. Maybe an auto-transmission scooter?
  18. would be a bit of fun to do that

    then as soon as you're out of sight ride like meatloaf (bat out of hell)
  19. He paid cash for the bike, you no longer own it... its no longer your problem.

    as someone said earlier, he can set fire to it now if he wants to lol.
  20. Mate .. back in the dark ages when I bought my first bike, jeans (read street clothes) were the only thing available other than leathers, and this probably sounds bad now, but my first helmet, (came second hand with the bike) was so big I wore a beannie under it to stop if bouncing around, that darn helmet lasted me another 2 yrs... and I didn't start wearing Kevlar until 10yrs ago... but congrats on selling your CB2fiddy,