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Is this for real? Anyone know this dude ?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Mickyb V9, Jul 22, 2006.

  1. Caught this on orsm.net !
    Taken at Eastern Creek apparently.

    Does anyone know this guy ? :eek:

  2. Thats crazy, I would love to know how he accelerates?
  3. Plenty of "amputees" ride. Got a guy in my local Old Phartz branch who rides a GSX1400 ... he's minus his left arm.
    He's made up a "mini clutch lever" that sits just below his front brake lever. It runs a cable back across to the lefthand bar to operate the clutch lever normally.
    This way .. he can ride the bike .. but it also means anyone else can jump on his bike and ride it too, as the normal clutch lever is still there.
    He usually rides with a prosthetic arm and clamps the "claw" onto the left bar. He sure gets some looks in the warmer weather when he "squids" it ... he got some tattoos airbrushed onto his artificial arm.
    He fair punts that GSX of his along too, .. he said the only time recently where he found he had to work hard, .. was when we went away for a weekend with the club to Bright.
    There were a few "friends of friends" along for that weekend and we all went for a ride up to the top of Mt Buffalo and back. He had the young son of one of the others in the group as a pillion and the kid kept wriggling around on the back, upsetting the balance of the bike. He said when we got back to the bottom that he hadn't worked so hard in ages!!!

    Where there's a will ... there's a way!! Veee haff the technology!!!!! :LOL:

    Edit: Fixed spilling misteaks and pungchewayshun airers :roll:
  4. I think some of them use a push botton like on ATV's.
  5. it good to know that even guys like him still ride a bike
    great insperation he is :grin:
  6. Er, link missing?
  7. The people at BikeBiz in Sydney have a friend that has lost the use of his legs. They have converted an R6 to have rollers for low speed and have moved all the control so he can get out and have some fun.

    I couldn't get the pic so not sure if it's him or not.

    But if that's the dude, he's a crazy rider! Rides the ass of the thing and passes just about everyone.

    Saw him at the creek a while ago and it was great to see that the injuries haven't stopped him.

  8. nah, I think it was god-modded ! :rofl:
    The pic was removed. :eek:

    Its a pic of a one armed rider on a CBR600RR going around Eastern Creek
  9. No mod should have taken that away.

    Should have been left to inspire the rest of us to get out there and have a go around a circuit.

    Chances are that dude would have lapped quicker than alot of us on this site!
  10. My father in law lost his left lower leg in a motorcycle accident 20 years ago. He still rides quite a bit, sometimes down to Phillip Island, where he does track marhsalling.
    It's all in the brain. A disability is only as debilitating as you let it be.

    Regards, Andrew.
  11. I can't remember the guy's name now, but back in the 70s there was a fellow in Sydney who used to road-race sidecars. He had had polio when he was a child, and got round in crutches, his legs were virtually useless, but his upper body and arms were like a wrestler's!!! And that was when the sidecars were heavy four-stroke affairs; he asked no quarter and got none, and everybody respected him.
  12. The pic was modded????? :roll:

    You're joking right?

    Did the sites watermark on the photo contravene the T&C's???... But you mention the site in the OP? So why isnt the OP deleted????

    This is one of those ridiculous situations Vic mentioned in the most recent "who keeps deleting my posts" version 134132142233454 thread.

    Sigh, that was a good pic!

  13. Hey can someone post at least a link to this pic or something ??
    It sounds kind of interesting and after recently riding with only one operational foot, and knowing a few netriders who currently only have one (fully) operational arm, it is kind of relevant, regardless where it from !!!
  14. I believe the rider in question was sitting on a Honda. Netrider is not motorcycle specific, so any photos containing a motorcycle should feature at least 3 different brands. The photo as it was would be intimidating to new and prospective members who don't ride a Honda and may have prevented them from taking full participation in the forums and site in general. :wink: :rofl: :rofl:
  15. :rofl: @ Seany.

    Wicked sense of humour bro.
  16. typhoon wrote
    no two injuries are the same. attitude has plenty to do with it tho. an amputation on its own is a reasonably light disability unless there are constant stump problems. i don't think it's all in the brain, i think some of it is.

    i know of a guy in eastern creek who LOST BOTH LEGS and he rides a bike around the track. take it from me, the thought of your stump hitting the road is pretty daunting. he's go balls! they must be so big they replace his legs!
  17. I actually deleted the link to the pic.

    The actual link was broken and it wasnt displaying a pic so I deleted it
    The link stil worked though but it did not go to any pic, it took you to a website that was nothing but p0rn so I deleted it.

    Now do you still think the moderation was excessive? I know its hard to resist shit canning the moderation. At times its excessive, I wont deny that, but most other times it's just you lot over-reacting that makes it look worse than what it is. :roll:
  18. Except the links still active above ......... :roll:
    EDIT - was a tongue in cheek comment folks :p
  19. :LOL: Too funny
  20. To return to the topic (yeah, I know whining about moderation is much more fun) The guy who had polio and useless legs, and used to race sidecar was Peter Campbell

    I remember that he went to the Island one year, and the stress of racing cracked the frame of the outfit; urban myth at that time was that he cut up his crutch and used the tubing to replace the damaged section in the frame!!!!

    {This off Classic Motorcycle Forum: I raced against Peter Campbell many times and he was a mean competitor, I never got near him }