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Is this fake?

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by nightgash, Jun 22, 2007.

  1. Hard to tell with the quality of the video
  2. Hmmm, hard to tell, but they could have survived, although with serious injuries.
  3. Nah, its real, in china if you ride a Motorbike you are just crazy, the road rules???? what road rules,

    Its do what you like and everyone else get outta my way cause i'm doing it and you can't stop me.

    pushbikes (as seen above) feel they have the right to do whatever, just like everyone else on the roads.

    They always lose.

    I have sympathy for the poor dude on the Moto. just cruisin and some fcuk wits pull in front of him.
  4. my god, you sure those 2 on pushbike survived? trying slamming yourself into a wall at 50km/h.. oh well, maybe survived, but badly injured not dead, but cant be walking out of hospital the next day. overall, this is the fact what happen in developing countries. sigh..
  5. damn wrong... :roll:
  6. I'm guessing its real and they lived .. looks like it took out the front wheel of both .. hit the ground hard . yeah .. but not a T-bone which would have been alot worse !! they might be veggies .. but alive all the same .. then again China does have a population control policy..